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    if you are a ballet dancer, could you spare a couple minutes of your time. I am doing an interview for a school project, my topic is social stigmas on dancers. if you have/ had experience with dance, or knows someone that does i would love to have an interview.

    1. coming into the dance industry what was you biggest challenge?

    2. How did others view males in dance?

    3. were you ever embarrased working in a female dominated art?

    4. What were your views of dance before being involved?

    5. Why do think society view males in dance in such a way?

    6. Do you believe that this misconception will change over time?

    7. Which group do you believe would be more open to today's elders or youth?

    8. Do you Believe in this stigma?

    9. do you believe danseur will be more socially accepted as time goes on?

    10. Do you believe that this stigma is taught?

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