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Discussion in 'General Dance Discussion' started by EddyP, Jul 20, 2015.

  1. davedove

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    Exactly, dancing on concrete because it is the only thing you can afford is one thing, but anyone who has a choice quickly makes the wise decision to dance elsewhere.
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  2. IndyLady

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    And in spite of this, many of the teachers are terrible at math. My spouse teaches college math and let's just say that elementary ed majors' grasp on numerical concepts is often lower than one would hope.
  3. JoeB

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    I think we're back to my original theory that PE teachers spend most of their career trying to make even worse choices than becoming a PE teacher in the first place.

    We've been trying for decades to get the local district to hire someone properly qualified to teach Government, and then let him coach the football team instead of the other way around.

    (I do have to give them a lot of credit on four coaches, though; one teaches 5th grade math and actually has a math degree, another teaches Texas History and is just plain fanatical about the subject, (even by Texas standards) the third teaches Biology with a degree in sports medicine, and the fourth was an exchange student in South America so he's a great Spanish teacher. The one teaching government, though, just wrote a reading assignment on the board and read the newspaper for the entire class period. Given that the local paper is often only 6-8 pages, I often wondered about his reading ability.)

    My HS Algebra I teacher later was an adjunct at the local university. Halfway through the semester, she was asked not to return...ever...for any of their classes including remedial toe-counting. Fortunately, the Algebra II teacher was pretty much a miracle worker and able to undo almost all the damage she did to her HS students.
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  4. IndyLady

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    LOL, great post JoeB

    True dat. The emphasis on sports over academics drives me bonkers... especially in a state that consistently ranks at the bottom of the pack on health measures (b/c more watching than playing is ultimately taking place) and has a known brain drain issue.

    Love it.

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