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    * Mambo's Hottest Couple - Joel and Ana Massicot!
    * Mambo's Best Spinner - Ms. Diana Nunez!
    * The 2004 International Instructor of the Year - Mr. Orville Small!
    * Salsa's Premiere Promoter - Mr. David Melendez!
    * New Orleans Salsa Superstar - Mr. Troy Anthony!

    Plus...Find out who some of The Best Mambo Follows outside of the
    NY/NJ area are?

    Discussion Responses: Can the On1 and On2 dance community get

    Japan, DC, Atlanta, St. Louis, New York, Boston and Rhode
    Island dancers speak out!

    **Would love to hear from salsa dancers worldwide on this month's question:

    What is the most annoying thing a Salsa DJ can do?

    1. Blend Music!
    2. Not play enough salsa music!
    3. Play 10 fast songs in a row or 10 slow songs in a row – repeatedly!
    4. Talk over the music!
    5. Have too many scratched CD’s!
    6. Other???

    Why are these things so annoying to salsa dancers? Do you believe a DJ’s willingness to become a proficient salsa dancer has an affect on their DJ skills?

    Send responses to
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    Great articles! Definitely worth the read. 8)
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    Great stuff there johnsnjr, thanks for sharing! :D
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    thanks guys,

    hope you consider doing a discussion response.


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