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Discussion in 'Swing Discussion Boards' started by dancergal, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. dancergal

    dancergal New Member

    Looks like Dancing with the Stars is catching on. Now Good Morning America did their own dance contest. A friend sent me this video clip Check it out.

    Here is video from West Coast Swing Champions Jordan Frisbee, &
    Mollmann, and Kyle Redd, & Sarah Vann Drake from the ABC show Good
    Morning America this last Monday. Remember that Jordan, and Tatianna will be back on this coming Friday Morning.

    For Jordan/Tat's performance, click on:

    For Kyle and Sarah's, click on: http://www.aes-intl.com/eds/ksgma.wmv
  2. luh

    luh Active Member

    looks like this would be sth for chandra
  3. leftfeetnyc

    leftfeetnyc New Member

    Sadly, J&T lost this morning. It's hard to beat kids, and people have a hard time recognizing how difficult what J&T do is as they make it look so easy.

    But they rocked, and many people, non-dancers included are upset they didn't win. It's great to have swing on TV again though!
  4. DanceAm

    DanceAm New Member

    I couldn't hear the music, was it a swing? Without music it looked more like a Hustle.
  5. leftfeetnyc

    leftfeetnyc New Member

    I havn't seen it yet. They've been dancing to more contemporary music, so it's not big band swing, but the music they dance to "swings".

    Hustle has some similar roots to swing, so it can look similar(ish) at times. There's also been a lot of hustle influence on WCS.
  6. dancergal

    dancergal New Member

    I had to turn the sound way up on my compuer to hear the music too. I didn't recognize the song, but I think it was sort of like pop-type music. With all the lifts they did, their dance didn't look too much like WCS that we dance to on the social dance floor. LOL! Still, it was really cool stuff they do. :D
  7. leftfeetnyc

    leftfeetnyc New Member

    The sounds was very poor quality. It was a techno-y pop song and you're right it was definitly not social WCS, it was more in the line of the Showcase competition division.
  8. dancergal

    dancergal New Member

    Yes, I agree, that was more Showcase than anything. I went on Jordan and Tatiana's website and they have a few more videos of some of their competition dances (you need to check the "Media" tab). It's more WCS looking without all the lifts and it's really good. I really enjoy watching them dance. We see a lot of their competition dances when we go to the WCS dance conventions.
  9. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Sounded kinda hustle-ish to me, too, despite the poor sound quality.

    Either way, holy cow!!!! Those mulitiple spins during a duck!!! What the... Dang!! They did rock, and they lost?!? Who won?
  10. luh

    luh Active Member

    not that I'd be an expert, but i'd say someone else.
  11. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    :tongue: Silly. :lol:

    I'm just wondering whether the winners' dancing was as good. It's have to be pretty darn good, IMO.
  12. luh

    luh Active Member

    actually was meant to be cynical, but doesn't matter.
  13. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Silly? Cynical? Eh. Six of one. Half dozen of the other. :wink:

    Seriously, though, who did win? And why? Were they more popular with the audience? Better known? More flashy? Did anybody see the whole contest? What do you think happened? 8)
  14. randomMysh

    randomMysh New Member

    Cute little kids won. Because they were little, and cute.
  15. luh

    luh Active Member

    those judges should be removed from their chairs.
  16. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Grr. I say smash the little kids' dreams. This is a com-pe-ti-tion. And the sooner they know it, the better. :twisted: :lol: :lol:

    Just kidding!
  17. Vince A

    Vince A Active Member

    You all remember back about a year-and-half to two years ago . . . the show "30 Seconds of Fame?"

    Jordan and Tatiana won $25,000 on the show.
  18. luh

    luh Active Member

    that's how it should be :D
  19. leftfeetnyc

    leftfeetnyc New Member

    There was a lot going on with the GMA competition on Friday.

    It was moved outdoors where it happend to be raining. Jordan and Tatiana decided to practice to get a feel for the wet floor. The floor also had a two inch give and became very bouncy. The rain stopped, leaving J&T's suade shoes soaking, not bad as the floor would be slippery from the rain. However the stage crew thought it would be a good idea to remove the slick and use a coke covered towel to sticky up the floor.

    J&T pulled off an amazing performance decpite that.

    The judges seem to have just followed like sheep, so after the first guy said he liked the kids, the rest seemed to go along with it.
  20. dancergal

    dancergal New Member

    Wow, I didn't know all the details. It amazing that J&T were able to dance at all with their shoes all wet. They were still great! Frankly, if they were going to let little kids win for being cute, the two brother and sister team were a lot cuter and more talented and did a better routine that the kid that won. One of the judges was the lady from "Dancing with the Stars." Once she chose the little boy, they all did. He clearly was not more talented than the others. Silly TV anyway!

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