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Discussion in 'Videos' started by lcdancesport, Nov 19, 2007.

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    I understand your point perfectly. I suspect that you don't understand the context of a collegiate competition. It's a very different culture than regular amateur competition. Impromptu entries are not only acceptable, they are encouraged. People enter events with pick-up partners all the time. They even often have partner matching at the competition for people who came without a partner. It's all in the spirit of the collegiate competitive culture which is largely about generating excitement in new dancers and everyone dancing as much as they can.

    On more than one occasion I have been coaxed onto the floor for events I wasn't formally registered for or planning to dance at college competitions by either friends, the crowd, or even the organizers.

    It's all in good fun! :)
  2. Just to clear things up, there are two different things going on as skwiggy describes above. One is that at collegiate comps there are "fun dances" which never require registration or fees- anyone can get on the floor. After everyone who wants to participate gets on the floor, the judges are told how many couples they can call back for the next round and they usually wander the floor and tap the couples they want to see come back. They do ordinals for the final round. Lifts, dips, same sex couples and bribery are all fair game and generally popular with judges. Dances can include things like same sex rumba, 3 person chacha, polka, etc. The video is from the bolero fun dance. The guys had a whole cheering section in the corner.

    The second thing about impromptu partner matching has to do with the fact that there are often extra girls on most collegiate teams and it's disheartening to not go to comps b/c you can't get a partner so most collegiate comps allow you to register "TBA" to find someone at the comp to dance with. At a lot of comps, they run Bronze events first and leaders who didn't get called back get matched up w/ the TBA newcomer girls.

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