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    The Joy in Motion website is finally here! -

    Joy in Motion is devoted to the celebration and exploration of social dance. It includes articles on social dance and music as well as weekly updates, resources, and links. The site is still developing, so bookmark it and check back often - it is updated weekly. You can also use the Contact page to email me your feedback.

  2. Joy In Motion

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    Joy in Motion on Facebook!

    Joy in Motion is now on Facebook!

    The idea is to provide more frequent updates on articles and news, but it will also allow you to connect with other Joy in Motion fans, post your comments on articles, and discuss my (and hopefully your) favorite topics: connection, musicality, and flow in dance. The first discussion on flow has already been started!

    The page was just created, so please join and let me know what you think. I would be happy to hear your suggestions, so feel free to contact me. Or just post your comments or start a discussion on Facebook.

    Click the following link to become a Joy in Motion fan:

    Joy in Motion on Facebook

    Also, in case you didn't already know, DanceForums is also on Facebook, so please become a fan of DF if you aren't already.

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    Congratulations! :p
  4. Ray Sison

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    I've not joined the realm of Facebook yet... Perhaps one day...
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    I redesigned my website and it is now at a new URL:

    While I'm here, I thought I'd say THANK YOU to the DF members who have been supportive and provided feedback - both positive and constructive - to encourage and challenge me to grow as a dancer and writer. I love sharing my thoughts and hearing so many different perspectives from dancers all over the world :)
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    Just checked out your new site, looking good!
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