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    Interviews with:
    *Mambo Innovator - Mr. Ismael Otero (Article and Exclusive 15
    question interview!)
    *NY Salsa Diva - Ms. Jami Josephson
    *Chicago Salsa SuperStar - Ms. Cristina Zavala
    *Atlanta Salsa Pioneer - Mr. Alfredo Piceno
    *La Voz Flashback - Unreleased Questions with Ms. Burju Hurturk

    Plus...who's the best Salsa DJ? who's the best mambo group?

    Discussion Responses: What is the most annoying thing a Salsa DJ can
    do? Australia, London, Charlotte, Detroit, & Boston respond!

    La Voz del Mambo - The underground voice of the mambo dance community!
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    Cool, thanks for sharing!

    (reading it right now)

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