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Discussion in 'Dancers Anonymous' started by elisedance, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. elisedance

    elisedance New Member

    or maybe 'you know when you are crazy when...' :rolleyes:

    don't push it too much sam...
  2. Standarddancer

    Standarddancer Well-Known Member

    hope you get better from that fever soon really addicted;)
  3. nucat78

    nucat78 Active Member

    I've found that sometimes heavy exercise breaks a fever. Not sure that is physiologically reasonable - maybe it was just coincidence.

    Took a group bachata and then a group intermediate salsa class. Went home and channel surfed for a bit and then to bed.
  4. njdancegirl

    njdancegirl Active Member

    Good for you, Sam. New practice partner...anyone I know? Could he possibly turn into new am comp partner?!?

    Sorry you are feeling so icky...that is a "you know when you're addicted" moment!
  5. bordertangoman

    bordertangoman Well-Known Member

    " Out out dam-ned spot
    Will all the seas incarnadine
    not wash out the sauce of the tomato fruit?"

    "Has my Lady not tried McSurf byo logicale?"

    "Ah by our powders we are undone"

    Enter Banquo's Ghost

  6. elisedance

    elisedance New Member

    Quote he: its totally nutsoid herin, methinks
    rapid exit Banquo's ghost

    And I just about completed planning for the big OSB trip!!
  7. Stagekat

    Stagekat Member

    Stayed up until I couldn't see straight trying to sort through pics from this weekend. (Apparently not seeing straight starts at about 1am)

    On the upside I'm almost finished.
  8. Beto

    Beto Active Member

    Continued with night 4 of my dance burnout/avoidance by staying in. Left work later than normal, hit the grocery store and wound up buying more than I'd expected. Got home, changed, and hit the gym for a quick workout before they closed. Showered, watched Friday night's episode of Clone Wars on the TiVo and then the DwtS results show. Caught Monday night's episode of Chuck and then went to bed.
  9. flashdance

    flashdance Active Member

    lol you make me swoon like a palm tree in a moderate breeze (I'd fall over if it were stronger). Am I the bunny beast? I'm softer than laundry put onto a 30 degree spin... (I have added softner too my sweet pea)

    :lol: I'm laughing too much to continue :lol::lol:

    @tangoman, lol [​IMG]
  10. samina

    samina Well-Known Member

    You probly do. It just sort of came together without any fanfare. Pro's coach commented that he likes the match, especially considering it's brand new and we haven't danced much together. For now, just practice & lesson partner.

    That's true. Am a bit taken aback by sudden unexpected health issue...appears all my bodywork dredged up some long-dormant Lyme (which is why I went last nite...not contagious). I mentioned to my rolfer last week that I thought it might be what has been lurking in my hip area, and...lookit that. Same high fever again today...hmmm.

    Course...still planning on doing showcase this weekend, and practicing with new partner. :)
  11. flashdance

    flashdance Active Member

    There was a young lady called Elise
    she attended the same dance class would you believe?
    Her dancing shoes were made of pure glass
    she danced like the wind her shoes twinkled in the erm man made spot lights?
    But alas she forgot her dance shoes on the way out
    so I took them home --- she found out
    and came on over and punched my lights out
    So what is the moral of this story I hear you cry
    because the clock struck 12 and the shoes turned into a pumpkin pie :(

    (no bunnies were harmed or included in the pie)
  12. SwingWaltz

    SwingWaltz New Member

    Very impressive flashdance!

    Last night I had pizza + beer for dinner and studied until 2am.
    It's not even exam time yet! :headwall:
  13. elisedance

    elisedance New Member

    Hey, I prefer your description of my dancing than my pro's! Oh, and I never would punch anyone out - I'd be more inclined to torture you with my poetry.... :)
  14. elisedance

    elisedance New Member

    Last night was Wed so thats practice night on the biiiiig floor. Left work early to work out in the studio first on these new routines - I was alone at first and then one of my favorite couples arived, they dance Senior 4 but he always jokes that at his age he should be in Senior 7. Actually, they are lovely dancers and a wonderful real life couple too.

    Went for a quick eat at Dairy Crest - I like their chicken. This time had the 'Healthy Choice" which is one side and a chicken 'quarter' which is actually a leg or a breast) with vegetables. The latter were crunchy but totally tasteless except for a faint odor of clorine. Is it possible that they treat them for some reason?? The chicken tasted OK but had so much salt I had to wash it down with water. Mmmm good :(

    Practice was terrific, DP was in great form, the music was lovely and the company too (about 6 couples on the biiiiig floor. Really could go all out.
  15. Lioness

    Lioness Well-Known Member

    Last night I attempted to write an essay/report thingy on altruism, and I kept getting distracted by forums. I did exactly the same thing tonight...
  16. bordertangoman

    bordertangoman Well-Known Member

    bEWARE of groundhogs bearing gifts.......
  17. bordertangoman

    bordertangoman Well-Known Member

    Last night I went ceroc ing ( is it a verb?) and talked too much. went into burble overload and got told nicely by my dance partner of the moment to shut up.

    Actually she said as we were talking in the wings " We're talking too much lets dance."
    then on the dance floor I kept thinking about listening to the music.

    I probably did as much talking as dancing last night, which is rare; as I normally dance and conversation is not my forte ( though I do sing along to the music quite unself-consciously)
  18. elisedance

    elisedance New Member

    Sometimes it just has to come out BTM, babble builds and blows its bubble beautifully or banefully.
  19. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    taught my 3rd fitness class of the day, spent alot of time on the phone w/BFF, had a small bit of nachos and pinot grigio, nursed my sore neck w/advil, bengay and the heating pad again, watched the finale of project runway w/dh
  20. bordertangoman

    bordertangoman Well-Known Member

    Just dont wish to become
    Burble- or Babble-tangoman

    and empti vessels make most noise

    your kind words appreciated.

    I think what I really want is to look into somebody's eyes with love....... sighs inwardly

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