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Discussion in 'General Dance Discussion' started by Pass It On, Apr 18, 2003.

  1. Pass It On

    Pass It On New Member

  2. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Check this out, folks! And yes, you younguns out there. There WAS a whole generation of people who wanted to dance like Michael Jackson. Imagine that! :lol:
  3. dancergal

    dancergal New Member

    Cute! I love it. Michael has some great dance moves. It always fun to be able to see someone's dance moves in slow motion. I like it! I like it!!
  4. dancersdreamland

    dancersdreamland New Member

    This is great!!! Thanks for sharing!!
  5. dancersdreamland

    dancersdreamland New Member

    What!!! Are you saying people still don't want to dance like Mr. MJ???!!!! :lol:
  6. Sakura

    Sakura New Member

    :notworth: :notworth: :notworth: :notworth: :notworth: Pass It On, you're my HERO!!!!!!!!

    *loves Michael Jackson* This is great! ...Now if only I can learn how to do his "Side Floats," I'll be set... :twisted:

    Sakura Kitty :kitty:
  7. Vince A

    Vince A Active Member

    Do a search . . . we've discussed the 'side floats.'

    It seems that the front floats are the hard ones to do!!!
  8. lovetomove7

    lovetomove7 New Member

  9. gnarly

    gnarly New Member

    is it only me? but i cant seem to get on those links =(
  10. lovetomove7

    lovetomove7 New Member

    They dont' work for me either :(
  11. Sakura

    Sakura New Member

    :cry: No, you guys aren't the only one... Tried them out a few days ago (didn't have time to post), and they didn't work for me either...

    I'm pretty sure I have the technique down for Moonwalking, but that link'll be great for me to go and make sure! Lovetomove, thanks for that!

    Sakura Kitty :kitty:
  12. _wingfoot

    _wingfoot New Member

    Good Sites

    Hi guys,
    If you check out, it tells you some basics of the moves (in writing), and there's also a link ( to another page where there are videos by this MJ impersonator. I've downloaded some of the videos, and they're pretty good...

    ...but my advice is, there's nothing like watching MJ do watch his videos..

    ..And for the moonwalk, at the end of the "Jam" sequence, MJ teaches MJ (Michael Jordan, that is) how to do watch that.

  13. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    At the end of the jam sequence?

    And welcome to the forums, _wingfoot. :D
  14. _wingfoot

    _wingfoot New Member


    ..and thanks! i like it here already.
  15. naz

    naz New Member

    there's alot more to his dancing than just glides.
  16. dancersdreamland

    dancersdreamland New Member

    Hmm...the links used to work for me, but now they don't. :?
  17. melly742

    melly742 New Member

    >>.And for the moonwalk, at the end of the "Jam" sequence, MJ teaches MJ (Michael Jordan, that is) how to do watch that.

    OK didn't get it years ago from mj himself teaching it but have just got it from written indtructions ha ha! The again I was about 15 or something when i got the mj video!

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