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Discussion in 'Dancers Anonymous' started by Larinda McRaven, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. Subliminal

    Subliminal Well-Known Member

    Heh heh, my older sis was a grad student there and invited me to stay with her for a month. She really trusted me so she gave me an unlimited T pass and some money, and let me wander around Boston. It was during the winter term at MIT, so there were lots of fun activities to do. And yes, I audited some classes. And snuck on the Internet. (Which was still pretty limited access back then. Woo Mosaic!) It was the best month ever! Even though the temperature got down to the negatives. Heh.

    Yeah, I just found out about her. If you're really curious I'll PM you...
  2. CANI

    CANI Active Member

    Weren't you supposed to be in high school? How did that work out? What a cool experience at 15!! Love Boston -- worked there for two summers during college. :D
  3. Nybz

    Nybz New Member

    is this the one who took her time giving you back the key???? Did you change your locks?

  4. Subliminal

    Subliminal Well-Known Member

    It was fun! And no, I was already out of school then. If you want more details you'll have to PM me again. :D
  5. Subliminal

    Subliminal Well-Known Member

    Heh, no that was a different one! And she did eventually give me back my key. So I didn't have to go through the hassle of changing my locks. Hmm, she might have made a copy though. *gets paranoid*
  6. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    And back on topic. *grin*

    1. I flunked gym in 11th grade
    2. I once had a banquet held in my honor
    3. I have traveled to four continents
  7. Subliminal

    Subliminal Well-Known Member

    I'm gonna guess... 1 is a lie? :D
  8. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Nope. 3. Only been to three continents. In 11th grade, I was in my class-cutting/rebellious phase. I never guessed that the coaches would be so picky about something as minor as class attendance. :rolleyes:
  9. Subliminal

    Subliminal Well-Known Member

    I seem to be good at this, so here's another. ;)

    1. I didn't talk until I could speak in complete sentences.
    2. My aunt has a pet dog that goes hyper when it hears salsa music.
    3. I once danced Argentine Tango to Lady Gaga's Bad Romance.
  10. Subliminal

    Subliminal Well-Known Member

    haha, nice. You got me. :)

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