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Discussion in 'Country and Western' started by pygmalion, Aug 4, 2004.

  1. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Which do you prefer? Why? Do you think one style is easier or more difficult than the other? Why?
  2. WorkinOnIt

    WorkinOnIt New Member

    Well... let me begin by stating this isn't a totally easy thing to answer.. but I do have an opinion and a vewpoint about it.

    Let me begin with the easier of the two..

    Line Dancing.. some may see this as pretty hard .. well.. overall.. it isn't.. but when you talk about technique, timing, rhythm, style, body language, body movement, orignality.. it becomes a lot harder. When I first began line dancing I couldn't do a right or left vine to save my life. It took one of my best friends (Pete) sister to take me under her wing and go over it with me for a good 1/2 hr before I could do it without tripping! Hey.. we all had to start somewhere! :wink:

    I hopped right into an intermediate line dance class and just stayed there and learned the dances so I never knew the meaning of a beginner class.. let alone know that they existed. I caught on and I took off from there. Line Dancing alone allows you to explore what you can do and how far you can go and get very "creative" with yourself and get into the music. You can do all kinds of variations on the theme.. actually to a point where it doesn't really even look like the same dance anymore. Since you can do everything from line to contra and semi partner line.. it's a lot of fun in many ways. The problem is that many dances come and go and after a while.. only certain dances stick around and you forget most of them.. after a while.. the challenge is non existant.. took me over 8 years to get there.. but within that 8 years.. off and on I lost interest and motivation but didn't know why. Just kept trying. There are many cool dances out there.. my absolute favorite of all time being "Hip Hop".. very complicated dance and took me over 4 months to really learn it.. now it has been almost a year or more since I've done it and provided I had company (and possibly without - though not preferably) I could do it on the floor.. but no one does it anymore. There are two different versions.. "Cowboy Hip Hop" and "Hip Hop" and I'm referring to the latter.

    Partner Dancing.. I have tried it.. but remember.. many people have misunderstandings here.. there are different types of partner dancing.. There are your common or typical "flow" Type dances and then there is Leadn'Follow..(and I've seen many debates and arguments over what true leadnfollow dances are too) I've learned just about every flow dance under the sun.. just stay on the floor behind someone who knows it and you will get it.. cause it is lots and lots of repetition.. My all time fav has always been The Schottische .. I've taken that dance to its ultimate limits and was once told long ago (at that time) that had I entered in a contest for it.. I'd probably win! No matter what bar we danced in.. I was known for knowing all those partner flow type dances.. When Ann and I first met I even taught her how to do the "Side Kick" .. of course.. it was my version which was the bar version.. then she took the class which was sightly different and decided she loved my version better.. :D go figure.. :wink:
    Then you have your Leadn'Follow dances... which are by far much more of a challenge in every way.. sure, you can just go out and do your thang and hope you aren't too bad and that people enjoy dancing with you.. whether your lead is good or bad or whatever.. but it sure does present a lot more of a challenge.

    Well.. about a year ago Ann came to me and asked me to take lessons in West Coast Swing with her.. I decided sure.. why not.. I've always wanted to.. that was the beginning of something I didn't even see coming. From that point on.. I learned a lot.. Because of the way we're learning.. there is so much more to it all then just learning something and putting it to work. If it doesn't flow right, if you can't execute something right, if your timing and rhythm aren't right.. if your frame isn't right.. there is so much involved in leadn'follow that it isn't even funny.. there are so many different patterns and ways of technique and style and dance and as long as you have the tools and you are using them right.. it can all possibly fall into place. For every step we take in getting something right.. there is something else that is now added in.. meaning there are different parts that need different attention and every time you get something down or right.. something else changes.. talk about layers! Now THAT'S a challenge.

    Based on all of this.. my preference is definitely Partner LeadnFollow dances.. the rest has pretty much lost my interest. Now and then we do something but it takes lots and lots of hard work just to get leadnfollow dances (ie two step, wcs) right and looking good and even then it is debatable of whether you are still doing something right. It never ends.

    I'm sure there is a ton more I can say.. but I'll save the next installment for another reply.. :lol:

    Stepping away from the Podium now.. 8)
  3. WorkinOnIt

    WorkinOnIt New Member

    Oh.. I'm sorry but I forgot to add the most important thing. One of the biggest reasons I feel Partner Dances are the hardest.. being the leader and deciding what to do and getting it done without screwing it up and leading it correctly without confusing or hurting your partner and hoping to stay good enough to keep them happy.. where as on the other hand.. the follower has to learn her steps and then turn her brain off just so that she can follow without helping in anyway. Putting everything to work so you both dance, do it right and on time and enjoying it all too..

    now that's hard! :wink:

    I'm sure Ann would agree with me on all of this.. since all of this perspective is coming from our time spent together and my thoroughly advanced knowledge and further understanding of what she has to learn and go through and put to work.. seen the good and the bad just as she has.. yup.. we're both on the same page there..

    how about you?
  4. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    I agree that partner dance has some serious challenges that line dances don't. Hmm. Line dances (some of them) can be quite complex and intricate, though, and some really have the endurance challenge. Aerobic fitness is a must! :lol:
  5. DancinDude

    DancinDude New Member

    Absolutely! That is why I said.. line dancing is fun but when you get serious about it and want to add technique and learn more complicated dances and breaks and body motion.. then it can become quite difficult and involved. I speak from experience.

    The difference is that you do not have a partner whom must depend on your lead and a correct one to perform well.

    There are all kinds of routes to discuss the intricasies of both. But in the end.. Lead N Follow definately takes the cake in complications, challenges and technique. The body can do a lot on its own.. add someone else into the mix and you've got a whole new ballgame.

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