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Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by Heather2007, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. ant

    ant Member

    Have you seen how much they want to charge, £188 for 4 milongas and 6 workshops, ouch.
  2. Heather2007

    Heather2007 New Member

    The open air milongas are free. Forget the workshop. You can learn the same in a "quarter of the price" midweek class. And yes - ouch - to date, these tango peeps are yet to wake up and smell the financial mess this country is slowly seeping into and cut their followers some serious financial slack. Save your dosh.
  3. Dave Bailey

    Dave Bailey New Member

    I don't do the workshops. I just wanted to do the "Dance by the Thames" thing :(

    I assume there's a Tango Ball thingy again also? I quite liked last year's one, although the band then weren't doing much for me at that time.
  4. bordertangoman

    bordertangoman Well-Known Member

    You could always organise a fringe tango festival; on HMS Belfast for instance;c'mon DB
  5. Heather2007

    Heather2007 New Member

    Dance al fresco 2009

    Tango Al Fresco and The Broadwalk Ballroom will be back in London's Regent's Park this summer in July and August.
    The dates are:
    Saturday July 11th - THE BROADWALK BALLROOM - DJ Jacky Logan, with Latin American demonstration by "Strictly Come Dancing" stars Andrew Cuerden & Hanna Haarala
    Sunday July 12th - TANGO AL FRESCO - DJ Tony Walker
    Saturday August 8th - THE BROADWALK BALLROOM - DJ Jacky Logan
    Sunday August 9th - TANGO AL FRESCO - DJ Nikki Preddy, with demonstration by Rene & Hiba
    Tango Al Fresco is an afternoon of Argentine Tango dancing, and The Broadwalk Ballroom is a ballroom and Latin American dancing afternoon. As usual, on all dates there will be a class for beginners at 1pm, followed by dancing from 2pm-6pm. Admission to the dance floor is £10, with all proceeds going to The Royal Parks Foundation to fund tree planting in Regent's Park.
    Details of the events can be found on the Dance Al Fresco, Tango Al Fresco and The Broadwalk Ballroom websites.

    Also, there will be no Carablanca at Conway Hall this Friday (24th)

  6. ant

    ant Member

    Thursday 10 Sep £15 The dome
    Friday.... 11 Sep £25 Bloombury Ballroom
    Saturday 12 Sep £25 Bloomsbury Ballroom
    Sunday.. 13 Sep £15 Negracha

    There is a £2 discount for any Milonga booked before 31 August.

    In addition there are free MIlonga/Practica sessions at Spitelfields
  7. Heather2007

    Heather2007 New Member

    Summer Blitz

    Sunday, 9 Aug – Tango in Regents - 1pm-6pm (£10)
    Saturday, 29 Aug – National Theatre (outside) 5pm Tango class, 6pm Tango Musician (free)
    Monday, 31 Aug - Royal Festival Hall – 11am-10pm (free)
    Saturday 12 & 13 Sept – River Thames Tango will be at Spitalfields (reminder: last Thursday each month until September more free tango)

    For more see: www.thamesfestival.org

  8. Heather2007

    Heather2007 New Member

  9. Dave Bailey

    Dave Bailey New Member

    Can't make it :(

    Oooh sounds good

    Spitalfields... it's... well, it's a bit boring, innit? As a location?
  10. Heather2007

    Heather2007 New Member

    Yeah, dancing by the Thames would've been better. Perhaps the financial district will look/feel better on a weekend though.

    p.s. I love your Michael Jackson footer. Hmm..made me think of Thriller re-hashed as a tango set. It could be done to some wicked, evil, dark, lucious, black-chocolate-dripping tango [okay, somebody stop me. Rein me in/rein me in]
  11. bordertangoman

    bordertangoman Well-Known Member

    go for it!

    hasnt Pablo Veron already done it?
  12. Dave Bailey

    Dave Bailey New Member

    Given that the only local pub open last Thursday was an... ummm... "interesting" experience, it couldn't look much worse.

    I just don't see it as a picnic venue, you know? Unless there's a serious amount of support from local businesses or whatever, I can't see it being much of a success; it's a real shame, I loved River Tango last year.
  13. Heather2007

    Heather2007 New Member

    Tango Fencing workshop


    London Fencing Club invites you to the unique workshop which will teach how to merge the passion of tango with the power of fencing! Tango Fencing is the ultimate martial love dance of our time teaching to be gracious yet strong, playful yet precise.

    We will work on a fusion of fencing and tango steps combined with the elegant blade work done to the rhythms and sounds of Argentina. It'll help to develop co-ordination, elegance, sense of rhythm and general feeling of well being.

    You will be able to practice Tango Fencing on your own or with a partner. Previous tango or fencing experience is welcome but not crucial for participation in this workshop. Places limited, so sign up now and do not miss this unique opportunity!

    Date and time:
    Saturday, 29 August 09, 11 am - 2 pm

    Finsbury Leisure Centre,Norman St,EC1V 3QN

    Fee: £50 (£90 for couples)

    Sign up: http://www.londonfencingclub.co.uk/beginners_classes.php#2
  14. Heather2007

    Heather2007 New Member

    Tango in Tooley Street

    [FONT=Garamond, Times New Roman, serif]Argentine Tango[/FONT] [FONT=Garamond, Times New Roman, serif]... in ... [FONT=Tahoma, sans-serif]NO WAY OUT[/FONT][/FONT]Three strangers. Trapped in a disused cafeteria. No food. No drink. No end. No way out.A man is taken to an empty room. He is joined by two women. Nothing can prepare them for what lies in store. There are no windows or doors - only the faint pulse of distant tango music...
    Fuelled by desire, jealousy and fear, the three captives make uneasy and shifting alliances, using their memories and their sexuality as weapons of power and torment.
    Grounded in the blood and sweat of Argentina's brutal Dirty War, Luke Kernaghan's production unites a dynamic group of artists and performers to create a bold and breathtaking new look at a beloved classic, powered by choreography from Kele Baker (Argentine Tango co-choreographer for BBC's Strictly Come Dancing).
    Jean-Paul Sartre's violent and unflinching study of cruelty and death is brought vividly to life through an exhilarating and erotic blend of text, music and tango. This visceral production grasps you by the hand and leads you through a dangerous yet seductive underworld.

    Performances at the Southwark Playhouse (Tooley Street, London SE1),
    Monday-Saturday at 7:30pm until September 12th.
    For tickets (£18/£13, call the Southwark Playhouse box office on 020 7407 0234.
  15. Dave Bailey

    Dave Bailey New Member

    Tango fencing? My mind has now officially boggled.

    I'm almost tempted to sign up just to see how it could possibly work... I can't see where there's any intersection. Possibly it's simply fencing done to AT music...?
  16. bordertangoman

    bordertangoman Well-Known Member

    In AT its not the foils you have to look out for but the knife in the back!

    and which is mightier the Gaucho knife or the foil... choose your weapons!

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  17. Heather2007

    Heather2007 New Member

    Reminds me of why I got into tango in the first place. Out with a bunch of friends one night, got home p'sd as as [bleep] and as high as a kite, starving for something to eat, I raided the fridge after midnight and slumped down in front of the box and a Spanish-speaking film about an assassin who always danced tango steps around his beaten and bloodied victim before finishing him off with the slice of the dagger. Yep, that whole death and dance thing had an impact. Luckily for those, I won't be around for the workshop :rolleyes: En guarde!!
  18. Heather2007

    Heather2007 New Member

    DB. Don't analyse it. Just do it. And let me know how it went. :bandit:
  19. bordertangoman

    bordertangoman Well-Known Member

    I think this is quite a strong tradition ; have you seen Blood Wedding for instance?
  20. Dave Bailey

    Dave Bailey New Member

    £50? I don't think so...

    See, I don't buy into this whole tango / knife-fighting stuff, I really am not convinced that it works outside show tango.

    I can imagine putting on a Tango-esque fighting show, sure. I just don't understand how a cooperative sport like Tango can fuse with a competitive / combative sport?

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