1. Twilight_Elena

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    Reviving Thread

    Oh, wow. This is one cool thread. Oldie but goldie. :D
    I'm growing my hair, want it to reach my waist. What I do with it so far (though it's only an inch below shoulder length and it's giving me a hard time) is make a very steady bun. I use LOTS of bobby pins, on a good day 12-15. I had my hair done for a showcase a couple of weeks ago and afterwards I took off all the bobby pins: we had used 59. :shock: It gave me one heck of a headache.
    I recently heard of a new trick for buns if you have long hair: you braid your hair (not french braid, just a simple one) and then turn the braid round and round in a helix shape (using the previous elastic band as your centre) as tight as you can. Then you take a very tight scrunchie and tie it around it. I know someone who swears by it. Has anyone tried it?

  2. PasoDancer

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    I have, but my hair's frizzy- it'd work for any other hair but mine!
  3. Twilight_Elena

    Twilight_Elena Well-Known Member

    Good point. The person that reccommended it has very straight hair.

  4. waltzgirl

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    Sorry if this is repeating a previous post, didn't have time to read all 13 pages:

    At comps, I've seen Latin pros with very long hair braid a ponytail, then attach the braid to their costume.
  5. Peaches

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    Hmmm...this thread got revived out of nowhere...

    My AT teacher's hair is about as long as mine--somewhere between chin and shoulder length--and we have the same problems with it.

    A couple of months ago we could pull it back but there were these pieces on the sides that wouldn't stay tucked in the elastic. It was kind of annoying in close embrace because it meant I kept getting pieces of hair poking me in the face--I hated it when it would tickle my nose or get in my eyes. There was nothing he could do about it that he wasn't already doing (tying it back). Although, one time he wore it down and I did have to ask him to pull it back--it was just RIGHT THERE in my face. Since he's taller than me, my hair wasn't a problem.

    Now, though, our hair is getting longer and when we get into close embrace there's that moment of--position arm, damn! end of ponytail caught underneath arm, either pull head forward to free hair or reposition arm under the ponytail.

    When I took a smooth lesson with him one time, my ponytail became a pretty effective way for him to correct/maintain my head position without having to move his right hand. He just grabbed and held onto my hair so that I had to keep my posture. Annoying, but it worked.

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