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Discussion in 'Dance Ads' started by Katushka, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. Katushka

    Katushka New Member

    Size: 36-38 - 12 for US ( 85-65-94 cm),
    173 cm without heels - 5'8'' - 5'9'' for US
    Material: vanilla stretchsatin, pearl-shiffon(Chrisanne), natural silk and shiffon from Roberto Cavalli,
    Swarovski-stones Peridot in transmission, Cobalt in transmission, Crystall - 70 groses total , sew-on stones - 1 pack
    Comes with necklace and ear-rings, very good condition
    Asking price: 1250 $

    Now dress is in Moscow, but I can send this my friend, who will go in Moscow 5/May and be back in Florida 13/May. He can send it or give it to you personnaly. Or later throuth Blackpool in US -in June.

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  2. Twilight_Elena

    Twilight_Elena Well-Known Member

    The dress is beauuuuuuutiful. :D I'm sure it will sell very quickly.

  3. Katushka

    Katushka New Member

    Thank you! May be it's beginning of my career as a designer)))
  4. Twilight_Elena

    Twilight_Elena Well-Known Member

    You designed it? :shock: It's amazing!

  5. Katushka

    Katushka New Member

    Yes. :) If you need help - welcome :) If you need not only dress design, but hole dress- welcome too :)
    More photo
  6. Katarzyna

    Katarzyna Well-Known Member

    Hi, do you have any photos of front and back, I love it...
  7. Anna

    Anna New Member

    wow, that is an amazing dress!
  8. SPratt74

    SPratt74 New Member

    Wow! Great dress! I love it! ;)
  9. standardgirl

    standardgirl New Member

    too bad, not competing in standard at this moment...
  10. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    I like it too. I think it is the purple? Is it purple on the white?
  11. Katushka

    Katushka New Member

    Thank you)
    Pictures - front look here
    Exact colour is lilac and green on vanilla-white.

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  12. GJB

    GJB Well-Known Member

    Everyone is complimenting the dress. No one noticed the girl. The girl in the dress is beautiful. Katushka, is that you in the dress?
  13. Ithink

    Ithink Active Member

    Yup, it's her:) she's gorgeous!
  14. Twilight_Elena

    Twilight_Elena Well-Known Member

    Girl, you are HOT. :D

  15. SPratt74

    SPratt74 New Member

    This is sort of a silly question. But how do you get your bracelet to stay on your arm like that? I tried doing something like that once for dance, but I couldn't get my bracelet to stay up. Love the necklace! Beautiful! ;)
  16. tuxedosam

    tuxedosam New Member

    Hi Spratt74, are you talking about the bracelet right above the elbow? Well it is possible to have bracelets up there and not fall if you have them made based on your arm circumference. One of my dresses have 2 bracelets too and they go around my biceps, they have hook closures. I believe some people use snap on buttons or you can use velcro. I believe if it is tight enough, it won't slide down.
  17. Musique

    Musique New Member

    And your partner is very cute.
  18. SPratt74

    SPratt74 New Member

    Yeah that's the one! I didn't even think of velcro or anything like that. That makes sense though. No wonder none of mine were working. I'll have to learn how to do that. Thanks! ;)
  19. Katushka

    Katushka New Member

    Yes, it's me :oops: thank you

    Yes) exactly wright.
    Velcro is not better choise for bracelet - you'd better use clasper or elastiс. It depends on model of your dress.

    I'll tell him) I'm sure he'll be pleased to hear it!
  20. Pacion

    Pacion New Member

    I agree with the comments made! :D Now, if only we could have such beautiful dresses for salsa....

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