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Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by LoveTango, Jul 5, 2011.

  1. Subliminal

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    I mentioned it earlier in the thread. The lead involves pressing "down" on the follower's standing leg during the boleo. It feels more like a sweeping motion, like your leg is a tail, swishing back and forth. One of my teachers lead me in it when she taught it to me. It would still be possible to lift your leg with this movement, but you would have to fight the lead to do it. (Btw, I said "pressing" but that doesn't mean the lead has to be strong or uncomfortable for it to happen.)
  2. Subliminal

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    No, and I'm not sure a video would show you anything either. It's in the lead.
  3. Zoopsia59

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    Oh, I get it... yes, I've felt this lead, I think. It usually (IME) doesn't have the sudden reversal of direction I associate with a boleo. The change back and forth is smoother so that it is just pivoting back and forth rather than creating a whip effect (again, IME) although the leg might trail the body somewhat in it's change. So i can see how someone might call this a boleo. I don't know that I would however... it probably would depend on how "high energy" it is (as you say)
  4. Subliminal

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    Hmm... Pondering my own words and rethinking. Another factor I should mention is the concentration of the energy in the movement. I tend to think of high energy meaning overall size of the movement. But with a boleo a small amount of energy concentrated in a sharper motion can result in a "high energy" feeling from the follower's perspective. I think the low boleo feeling comes from either spreading this energy out over a larger moment in time, and/or redirecting part of it into the floor. Which I guess from the follower's perspective could be seen as a low energy movement...

    I dunno. I'll have to practice it and get back to you. :)
  5. Subliminal

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    Looks like we cross-posted Zoops. :) But I think we agree on the movement, if not what to call it. I consider that a victory for both of us on a tango forum. ;)
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    Where's the high-5 smiley when you need it?
    Guess this will do: :cheers:
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    Dave asked if, for the follower, from the leg down, they are the same movement. If the lady's free leg is free, then she shouldn't be doing anything different in the lower body. For a leader, yes, the leads are different. The lead in upper body determines how the lady's leg moves. For a linear boleo (which I rarely, if ever, lead) the man will send the lady away from him then stop that movement, making the leg fly out linearly. For a circular boleo he's going to pivot her in one direction going around her, then reverse that energy, more or less. It's the same send and stop concept, but one is achieved by (sort of) pushing her away then bringing her back; the other is by going around her in different ways.

    Re: the ladies' styling choice with her leg, whether she involves her thighs, etc. those are her choices. I'm not ignoring that, but it has nothing to do with the fact that there really is no difference in the leg movement between the linear and circular boleo (aside from the one being linear and the other circular). If you choose to keep your thighs together for a boleo, then you'll do that regardless of the fact that it is linear or circular. Again, I'm not saying that there is a right way or wrong way; I appreciate that each lady's boleo feels different, and I'm not trying to dictate to ladies what they should or shouldn't do (OK, maybe that's a lie. I insist that ladies not kick other people when they do a boleo)
  8. salthepal

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    As to the difference between a high boleo and a low boleo, I can (with the right lady) lead a very soft high boleo and a very sharp and strong low boleo. Such a low boleo doesn't just feel like it's a pivot back and forth, which I do, but don't consider a boleo, because it doesn't quite have that sudden change of direction.
  9. Joe

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    With the right lady, you can lead any and every type of boleo you desire.
  10. salthepal

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  11. gniksic

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    Yes, you're right... sorry if I caused confusion. One reason I entered this discussion is a situation when I lead the boleo with a lot of energy, as I described it, but the follower damps the circular motion without an apparent reason and her leg stays on the ground because of that. But that means some of that energy gets reflected back into me, causing some discomfort, as if I had just lost my balance. (physics: something like an impedance mismatch at the interface between two media... LOL)

    Salthepal, I agree 100%, but I think you should have put a slightly stronger accent on the "right lady". (wink)
  12. tangobro

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    As others have said, the technique for leading the high vs low boleo is slightly different. If the lady recognizes which is led she either allows, amplifies or damps down the energy.

    In this workshop the instructors taught the students to dance with low boleos and taught the techniques for leading & responding to high boleos so that the ladies would feel & know the difference.

    Cristina emphasized that the followers were responsible for keeping the boleos low if the space was not appropriate. Daniel emphasized that the leaders should not lead high boleos if they did not fit the music and the space.

    in this clip they demonstrated with music

    If I lead a high boleo it's because I've decided that it fits the music, the mood & the floor conditions. I will not be disappointed, but I may feel the difference in the energy output vs the energy received & sometimes it's a jarring feeling, I think gniksic's impedance mismatch summarizes it well.

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