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Discussion in 'Videos' started by waltzgirl, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. waltzgirl

    waltzgirl Active Member

    In the lecture, Luca talked about the need to maintain vertical balance and, re-watching the demos, I could see them maintaining that in their torsos. Clearly, their fluidity is the result of the technique they use, not an abandonment of technique.

    JANATHOME Well-Known Member

    thanks so much for posting the link. I am not at the point where I can take apart the technique, however I knew that the waltz was just amazing, and watched the clip over and over again.

    Non related, but I then watched a waltz from 1994. Funny but I was just so distracted by the poof dress with feathers that I could not really enjoy the dancing as in the first waltz. I am so glad the costumes have taken a turn for the better.
  3. Chris Stratton

    Chris Stratton New Member

    I'm not sure about the 'spheres of movement' idea, but a clear challenge is to learn where each part of the body should be to enable a given action. Often times the places where an untrained body wants to be fluid or stretched are the places where it really should be toned and aligned, wheras the places where it tends to be stiff are the places where it should be soft and accomodating. For a trained dancer of course this is all natural, and it's probably even true that students get in their own way at times by worrying too much - but still, there needs to be some specific guidance to learn where the strength goes and where the softness goes. You have to train your instincts before you can just go with the flow.

    And I don't see that level of detail to do that being covered in lectures, though the basic elements would not be too complex to address in that setting.
  4. samina

    samina Well-Known Member

    Yes, that's definitely my experience. I never received dance training before studying ballroom, and most of my effort revolves around developing strength & control in some areas and looseness & extension in others. Getting that into my body is my primary focus every day. Trying to add another dimension would be so confusing to me right now.

    But the desire to be able to dance like that is the inspiration that keeps me plugging away! :)

  5. DeniseG

    DeniseG Member

    They are just fabulous. Thanks for the link.
  6. aliceyyy

    aliceyyy New Member

    Hi all,

    I am the one who posted the clips to youtube. It is so exciting to share info across borders on ballroom dancing, esp knowing that so many people were inspired from these wonderful clips.

    Just wonder what will happen if Luca himself browse youtube and found his lecture there one day.......

  7. dancesportgirl21

    dancesportgirl21 New Member

    Hi aliceyyy! Thank you so much for posting all of your video clips! I'm a subscriber to your videos on youtube :)
  8. samina

    samina Well-Known Member

    alice, i could kiss you... here, i will: :kissme:

    i never knew of the baricchis until i saw these lecture videos, which created apowerful domino effect for me, personally... do a search for the dance bible thread and you'll see ... ;)

    so... were you at the event? do you study with them? what's your story, luv?
  9. Peaches

    Peaches Well-Known Member

    OK. Normally, I don't care to watch ballroom dancing. Can watch AT all day long, but ballroom performances and competitions and whatnot just leave me cold.

    I've got to say, these performances were the first ones I've ever seen which I've truly enjoyed. They are mesmerizing and inspiring.

    And rather depressing, from a personal standpoint.
  10. White Chacha

    White Chacha Active Member

    can they be bought?

    As others have already done, I thank you for posting the clips.

    Do you know whether the full lectures are available for purchase somewhere?
  11. aliceyyy

    aliceyyy New Member



    The Luca lecture came in a DVD called "Standard Trends 2" featuring a lecture held in Germany. Actually there are Standard Trends 1 and 3, and also a series on Latin!

    My friend purchased it from Casa Musica and here is the website:
    (go to the DVD section and you'll find it)
  12. White Chacha

    White Chacha Active Member

    Thank you!
  13. dancesportgirl21

    dancesportgirl21 New Member

    Videos on posture:

  14. samina

    samina Well-Known Member

    thanks DSG... appreciated these clips. i do plan on getting the rest of their videos soon... interesting that these are still on youtube considering they are copyrighted, but it's sure nice to see them
  15. dancesportgirl21

    dancesportgirl21 New Member

    yeah- let's hope they don't get pulled! I like the concept of shortening the left side muscles rather than only stretching the right side.
  16. chachachacat

    chachachacat Well-Known Member

    They move so smoothly and fluidly! I love how slowly their feet move.
    They are mesmerizing! I have always loved the Italian style, for the fluidity and slowness.

    I was blown away seeing Caterina Arzenton and Augusto Schiavo at the Embassy last century.
    Molto fabulouso!
  17. anp73ga31

    anp73ga31 Active Member

    Thank you for posting those. I am having such trouble getting the topline I want from myself. Videos like these certainly help. I need to watch like 50 times all the while practicing along with them! lol!
  18. Dapenda

    Dapenda New Member

    The videos aren't on anymore
  19. anp73ga31

    anp73ga31 Active Member

    They are for me. Weird...:confused:
  20. black_light

    black_light New Member

    yep. :(
    Anyone have an idea where could I find them?

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