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Discussion in 'Videos' started by TomTango, Mar 16, 2016.

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    Things I love about this video:
    • Camera: camera person loses it for a second at some point, but overall I love how up close this is, alternating between upper body, legs, and full body shots. I know some people like to see the whole body for the whole performance, but this lets me see little details I wouldn't have otherwise
    • Colors/lighting: I love the blue dress, the white shirt, the background colors, and the soft daylight filtering in. Such a good contrast to most performances that are at night in dim lights/spot lights.
    • Maja and Marko's smooth, smooth turns, especially the turn at 1:15. I love long continuous turns in performances.
    • The song. Such a pretty vals I'd never heard before. I definitely need to play this next time I DJ. Is this song played at the milongas where anyone dances?
    Watching performances is great for when you can't dance.

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    I hadn't seen this one, thanks! I wonder if they've done this so many times they don't get dizzy anymore, but at 1:05 the expression on Marko's face let's you know even he was feeling that one.
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    Possible ;)
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    Admins and mods, seriously, aren't you supposed to get us rid of this kind of crap? This viet garbage is has been soiling the forum for days.
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    Better PM them, seems as if they do not follow the threads themselves !

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