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Discussion in 'Dancing on TV' started by Beto, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. Beto

    Beto Active Member

  2. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    Thanks for linking to that! Very interesting. His charm and personality really come through.

    I hope that November 2010 event in the Meadowlands is everything he hopes it will be. Maybe some of us can be volunteers!
  3. vcolfari

    vcolfari Member

    This part made me laugh: "Ballroom is not my forte, but I've always enjoyed doing it."
  4. gracie

    gracie Active Member

    Wondered where Karen Hauer was. I miss their dancing. Maybe there is a youtube video of her audition.
  5. Beto

    Beto Active Member

    Maks updated his blog. He lets the judges have it for Monday night's critiques (having only seen the team dances from that night, and last night's results show this morning, I agree with him) and gives his honest opinions on the performances from that evening. Some of what Maks says echoes the comments I've seen from many of you on this week's routines.
  6. New in NY

    New in NY New Member

    Thanks for the updated link, Beto. I expected just a rehash of the results and a sorry to see them go sort of piece, but this was wonderfully honest.
    Maybe Maks should be a judge next season.
    But then we wouldn't get to see him dance ...
  7. SDsalsaguy

    SDsalsaguy Administrator Staff Member

    Maybe its just me, but I am much more impressed by, and like, his thoughtful in-writing persona much more than his on-air persona.
  8. Beto

    Beto Active Member

    Maybe I'm in the minority here but I like his on-air persona and his in-writing persona even moreso. I'm fully aware that, when I watch his heavily-edited behind the scenes/rehearsal footage, the producers and editors want to portray Maks a certain way. And maybe that gives some people a bad impression of him.

    You're welcome. I'd actually welcome seeing Maks on the judges' table. Maybe on a season where he isn't choregraphing? Or if he's eliminated early on and they need someone to fill a spot one week?
  9. maksfan616

    maksfan616 New Member

    I really enjoy his blogs. I vacillate between cursing ABC for always portraying Maks as difficult and thanking them. It makes him special and it keeps him as being unique.

    As far as the judges, he was spot on. I would love to see him judge but only if he danced the results show each week.
  10. etp777

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    From what I've seen on show, and more importantly, in studios here, I would say that his persona has seemed to change, and for the better, over last few years.

    That point being made, I always like seeing any of the pros in a venue/state where I can get to see them more as a real person, rather than the image they like to project. It's interesting.
  11. Beto

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  12. Beto

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