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Why did you click through to read this article?

  1. Because of the promise that was made...

  2. Because I always read the posts you (salsarhythms) writes...

  1. salsarhythms

    salsarhythms New Member

    Did that get your attention?

    This is an interactive thing so I need for you to
    answer the poll question first...once you do that
    then read the full story.


    Ok, if you've made it this far, I'm trusting that you
    answered the poll question.

    The reason why I had you do that is because it proves
    a point.

    I will go down the list and give you my thoughts as to
    how this relates to salsa dancing (or any dance for that

    The first option in the poll was:

    "Because of the promise that was made..."

    When you read the headline, I made a promise to you
    that by mastering this 1 thing you can achieve greatness
    on the dance floor.

    So if you chose that option, that's what intersted you in
    reading further.

    Dancing is the same way.

    When you ask someone to dance, you are making a promise.

    You are saying to that person:

    "Just grab a hold of my hand because you are about to have
    the time of your life...I promise."

    That's why people dance, to have a good time, and it's up
    to you to keep that promise.

    In fact, not only do you have to keep that promise, you have
    to OVER-deliver on that promise.

    Once you've set the scene, you have to go above and beyond
    in order to make sure that you are having a good time for you
    and your partner.

    But how do you OVER-deliver?

    By simply doing your best to make sure that the next 3-5
    minutes are great.

    You do this by having a good attitude, by feeding off of your
    partner, by giving and taking, by respecting your partner.

    The fastest way for you to not keep your promise is by
    trying to show off, keeping the attention on yourself, by
    dancing just for dancing and not really being into it.

    You see, when you OVER-deliver each and every single time
    you're out there, you start to build a reputation for yourself.

    Once you do that, then you'd fall into the second category.

    Some of you (hopefully for me :wink: ) chose the second
    option, which was:

    "Because I always read the posts you (salsarhythms) writes..."

    Now, if you chose that option, it's because I've always done
    my best to make sure that I always OVER-deliver in every
    post that I write.

    With that in mind, as you begin to OVER-deliver on your
    dancing experience, you will soon start to notice that more
    and more people will dance with you simply because they
    already know that you will deliver and OVER-deliver on
    your promise of a great dance.

    But in order for that to happen, you have to take the first
    group of people (the people that don't know you yet, but
    are expecting a great dance from you) and OVER-deliver
    on your promise.

    Then and only then, will they fall in the second category
    of people (Those that already know you and know that you
    will OVER-deliver on your promise of a great dance.)

    This does not mean that you must be flawless...I mean no one
    is without flaws (Except maybe Borikensalsero who seems to
    get better and better with each post... :wink: ) and no one
    expects you to be.

    You don't have to put a lot of pressure on yourself either, don't
    take this that way...

    All I'm saying is give it your all.

    Put your soul and heart into it, and believe me the rest
    will follow...

    And trust me, it's not that hard to OVER-deliver. All you have
    to do is make your partner feel like they are the only ones
    on the dance floor. This is done with the way you move,
    your attitude, your charisma, all of it.

    Just because you haven't danced for a long time, does not
    mean that you can't put your all into it.

    That's OVER-delivering...taking all of you, your soul and heart
    putting it out there and expressing it through your dance.

    If on a particular night you don't feel like you can do that,
    then make sure you dance with someone you know already
    and can say "Hey, I'm feeling kinda down right now, let's dance
    so that I can get past this...what do you think?"

    And once you get out on that dance floor, leave everything
    else behind.

    Trust me, do this 1 thing of OVER-delivering, and you will
    achieve greatness on the dance floor.
  2. SDsalsaguy

    SDsalsaguy Administrator Staff Member

    I chose #2...and you lived up to always! :D
  3. salsarhythms

    salsarhythms New Member

    :D :oops: :D :oops: :D :oops:

    Well thank you SD, but what do you think of that
    concept of OVER-delivering?

    I really feel strongly about it and would love everyone's
    input on the matter...

    And not just for salsa dancing, for any dance...
  4. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    I have to confess I read the article first, but only because my login screen wasn't working. :? Great article, as always, salsarhythms. :D I picked option 2.
  5. youngsta

    youngsta Active Member

    salsarhythms your post is my salsa mantra! Great post! :D
  6. salsachinita

    salsachinita New Member

    I will second to that!
    :notworth: :notworth: :notworth:
  7. brujo

    brujo New Member

    You see a homeless man on the street and give him all your change. Next homeless man comes along, what do you give them?

    Sure, this all sounds great. But how would you do this practically? I gave up on pleasing people on the dance floor a long time ago. It is just not possible with all the attitude that is oozing around the floor. You can have the best smile and the most intense eye contact met by a stone cold face that looks like its going to fall asleep.

    I think some of us got it wrong. We overanalyze and study and exagerate and practice. We do body waves in our homes, we do isolations and footwork and shines trying to impress other people on the dance floor, only to find that they are too busy trying to impress us to notice it. Just relax and play with it, why the hell does there need to be so much stress in dancing?
  8. Danish Guy

    Danish Guy New Member

    Re: Master this 1 thing to achieve greatness on the dance fl

    I don’t think it’s possible to over deliver every time.

    This mean you have to give more than expected.

    For a first time dance, this is absolutely possible.
    But if your partner has seen you on the dance floor,
    he/she will have a clue about what to expect.

    If she expect a ride in a combination between a Limousine and a Lamborghini,
    what will you deliver to get the over delivered impression?
    A F16, a space shuttle or a horse coach?
    And what do you do next time, to get above her now very high expectations?

    I believe in the promise to pay attention to your partner, tune in,
    and get the most fun and the best dance possible with the combination
    of skills each other got.

    Exchange “the time of your life” with “a good time”
    This is as far as I will go at my skill level.
    It may be “the time of your life” experience, but there’s no way
    I will promise that in advance.

    I still have a lot to work on. :wink:

    PS. I always enjoy reading your posts.
  9. youngsta

    youngsta Active Member

    This assumes you only have a limited amount of your commodity (dancing) to give to people. When I can't give my everything on the floor anymore I know it's time for me to go home for the night--until then I will over deliver every time I step on the floor. And it really doesn't matter if a few of those are women that don't appreciate it; I wouldn't be happy with myself if I didn't give my all.
  10. Vin

    Vin New Member

    To answer the poll question.
    I read everything SalsaRhythms writes, however I clicked on it without knowing who wrote it, from the main page. The promise looked too good.
    One thing I know is that when my partner is not overdelivering, I find it hard to overdeliver myself. Sometimes I find myself having a dance with a woman(and I am sure men do this as well, I have been guilty) that seems as if she would rather be dancing with someone else right from the start. At this point I find it hard to get motivated to give her the great dance that we all should get.
    What do you normally do in this situation?
  11. salsarhythms

    salsarhythms New Member

    Brujo good point.

    But the way I see it is as follows:

    If everyone were to take on that attitude, I think
    that things would just get worse.

    Sure, you'll have people with their attitudes and
    whatever, but by simply not dancing with them
    the next time is enough.

    I mean, when you really think about it, you're doing
    it for yourself as well...why would you want to dance
    if you're not going to give it your all anyway?

    The way I look at it is that by over-delivering everytime
    not only are you making it better for your partner, but
    you're also doing it for yourself.

    Now Vin...

    That's the perfect example.

    I mean if you're guilty of dancing and not being able to,
    or even wanting to, give it your all then you are part of
    the problem too.

    When that's the case, just don't dance...I mean you're not
    going to enjoy it, and neither will your partner.

    I mean sure, if everyone were to take on this attitude it
    would make it better for everyone, but for now, let's just
    work on one person...yourself.

    The reason why I say that you should always give it your all
    is because of the negative effect you just mentioned it
    has on you...

    Now, if you're in that situation already there's only one of
    two things you can do...

    Bite the bullet and keep dancing. Take it for what it is and
    just keep dancing...


    Somehow, someway, gracefully ease out of the dance...this one's
    tough, but it can be done, especially if it's apparent that your
    dance partner is not in the mood to dance at that time...

    What I would do is ease to the edge of the dance floor, and at the
    end of a turn pattern, pause, give a very short bow to her and
    excuse yourself while you lead her off of the dance floor...

    Again, this is really for when you know that you and your partner
    are just not enjoying yourself...but like I said, you can always
    continue dancing...
  12. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Hmm. I've been thinking about how to respond to this for a few days now. So here's what I think. I CAN overdeliver every time. Not in terms of my dancing, necessarily, because sometimes things click and sometimes they don't, for me. But I can overdeliver in terms of my attitude, my willingness to work/dance WITH my partner, my desire to give the other person a fun experience.

    Don't get me wrong here. I just can't think of a better analogy. But it's like sex. Sometimes things work out fabulously, sometimes they don't. But what makes the experience work, is that everybody approaches things with the other person's enjoyment in mind. Same thing with dancing. Maybe I can't execute those multiple spins perfectly, or follow every lead seamlessly. But I can approach every single dance with my partner's pleasure at the top of my priority list. Make sense?
  13. salsachinita

    salsachinita New Member

    :D Well put, Jenn. This is how I take 'over-delivering'.

    No pressure, no egos involved. Just me doing my best with the leads that I have during that song.

    The sex analogy is spot on, I've used it in an earlier thread too. We tend to click better with certain people, it's only natural :wink:
  14. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    If I notice that something is up I open my mouth and ask. I've escorted someone who said that they weren't having fun with me off the dancefloor. I don't mind doing that!!

    However, if my partner does not clearly indicate - verbally - that she wants out I know that one dance is only a few minutes. I still give it all I've got. It's just like life. If we left everytime something we wanted was not going according to plan we would be really sad people and the world be an even worse place. However, if we stick to it and work it we get something from the experience, and we have made a difference.

    When I come to dance I have come with my contract, which is as Pygmalion said:

    I intend to fulfil my contract, even if other people don't fulfill theirs!!
  15. Danish Guy

    Danish Guy New Member

    I have been reading this thread again.

    I can see there’s a little cultural difference in what we understand by the word over-deliver. :?

    What you describe here, I would call normal delivery, with the “of good quality” as taken for granted. Just to stay in the delivery terms.

    I can truly support the “Give it everything you got” attitude. I don’t show up just to pass the time, and I leave, if I feel burned out.

    The “I over-deliver every time” and “The time of your life” is a little to high on ego or American attitude for me to swallow. :oops: :roll: :oops:
    If this is a general attitude, how will we ever get the new dancers started? When will they be able to overdeliver in the clubs? Should they just stay away?

    Of course not, and if they translate over-deliver as “Give it everything you got” then there’s no problem. This translation IS how I read all your posts. I just don’t think it’s a good word. It can’t stand alone, without the rest of the article.
  16. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    You know, Danish Guy, I've often wondered about the cultural implications of many things that are said on this website. Some things are universal, but the meanings of words or expressions are often very specific and culturally based. Hmm. Good food for thought. :)
  17. Danish Guy

    Danish Guy New Member

    I'm sure it is :D
  18. Marvellous

    Marvellous New Member

    I love your post Danish Guy. I'm still laughing. I understand your point; but I wonder whether the "Americans" will, or whether they will be offended?

    I do think by the way, that I understand what the people on the thread are trying to say, but Danish Guy does have a good point. Such statements leave a bit of a bad taste in my mouth too, and quite frankly I find them a little over the top.

    I hope we don't cause a cultural war here. :lol:
  19. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Yup, Marvellous. It's a cultural thing. Many Americans are a lot more comfortable with hyperbole than people from other cultures, who may value subtlety a bit more. That's okay. I think we're all talking about the same ideas. Just from different angles.
  20. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    Danish Guy and Marvellous. I understand where you guys are coming from. I grew up in Tanzania and then came to the States at the age of 18? in 1995.

    Making a sweeping generalization: The language/culture reflects the way of life where driving miles upon mile, having cars, bigger and bigger houses, more and more... :)

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