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Discussion in 'Videos' started by dancesportgirl21, Nov 26, 2006.

  1. dancesportgirl21

    dancesportgirl21 New Member

    From World Superstars 2006
  2. Twilight_Elena

    Twilight_Elena Well-Known Member

    Woah. *blinkety blink* They move so... fast!
    The dress looks awesome. Unfortunately, the video quality is bad so I can't be certain if it's as awesome as it seems to be. Same thing goes for quality of dancing.
    Nice finish, though. :D
    Random thought: does Yulia look too skinny or is it just me?

  3. dancesportgirl21

    dancesportgirl21 New Member

    They're really that fast and that amazing. :D You can see more of the dress on their site Yulia's pretty small- I think she's always been like that. Here's two more of their videos from the show. There's more clear videos on youtube, but these are from the World Superstars.

  4. bjp22tango

    bjp22tango Active Member

    I was surprised at how out of sync the Jive Choreography was to the music. It didn't look like they were listening to it at all. And why end way before the end of the music?

    I even wondered if Max came in too early because there are some taped vocalizations and comments in Japanese that I am assuming he was to use to give his coat temporarily away with and the voice didn't match his actions. Hmmm.
  5. VinceraVivere

    VinceraVivere New Member

    I noticed that too, I think it might just be the bad quality of the video. I can't imagine them being that off to a routine.
  6. SDsalsaguy

    SDsalsaguy Administrator Staff Member

    My guess is it just has to do with the technical side of uploading the video clip and whereby the audio and video tracks aren't in sync.
  7. bjp22tango

    bjp22tango Active Member

    It has to be something like that. Their Samba to The Beat is just incredible. I would like to know who mixed that and what Frank Sinatra monologue his clips are taken from.
  8. dancesportgirl21

    dancesportgirl21 New Member

    Bird Showdance:
  9. and123

    and123 Well-Known Member

    :shock: wow!
  10. anp73ga31

    anp73ga31 Active Member

    Thanks for posting the Max and Yulia videos! Saw them live and they were incredibly awesome....
  11. GeorgiaDancer06

    GeorgiaDancer06 New Member

    does anybody have any idea of the music used in the bird dance?? i'm particularly interested in the song that begins when he is dancing while holding her on his hip.

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