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Discussion in 'Dancing on TV' started by lacubs, Jul 29, 2010.

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    The first rule of competing on Dancing With the Stars? You don't talk about competing on Dancing With the Stars. The second rule of competing on Dancing With the Stars? We think you get the point. Which puts you one up on Troy Aikman. Last night, the former Dallas Cowboy sparked a mini frenzy when he seemed to announce to paparazzi with alarming ease that he would be the NFL franchise's third Hall of Famer to compete (after former teammates Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin) on the reality smash. Troy then attempted to recover his PR fumble this morning, imploring fans not to believe everything they hear. Everything they read, on the other hand—that you can go ahead and take to the bank. Or at least that's what Aikman (and, should his initial slip prove true, the ABC press department) wants you to believe. Hence his damage-controlling tweet shot off early this morning. "I will not be on DWTS…interferes with American Idol auditions," he wrote. It will, for now, have to be the definitive answer on the topic, as ABC has, as always, refused to comment on the potential spoiler. Problem is, unless Aikman is a better actor than we knew, he certainly seemed to be answering genuinely—and with an impressive working knowledge of past DWTS seasons—when he let slip the original news last night. So is he competing or not? Might just depend on how wrathful ABC's publicity team is feeling these days. Stay tuned.

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