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Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by Clive, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. UKDancer

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    I don't think that is necessarily right (or at least, a very different action from a Latin Spiral). The simplest version would have the feet slightly apart, and weight divided, to some extent, between the feet, with the turn being executed by pivots on both feet and without very much dissociation of the torso; but what a lot of dancers would call an enrosque would be where the feet are crossed quite closely together, with the weight being held on just one foot. The upper body turns first, winding up a tension between top & bottom, and then the turn is executed very quickly by allowing the legs and hips to untwist, beneath the body, back into alignment.

    I struggle with the action, finding the balance difficult - but I'm working on it. I find the two methods of turning feel very different.
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  2. Angel HI

    Angel HI Well-Known Member

    Exactly as I said.... there are several ways to dance it (including forward and backward in both of the ways that you describe), and if the discussion is how to better one way or another, that's great.
  3. Pietro

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    Without having red all the posts ... perhaps a step diagram (like those on taste4tango.net) is what it takes to clarify the essence the media luna.
    And adapting the essence to one's preference ... isn't that what Argentine tango is all about?
  4. opendoor

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    Hi Pietro, welcome to DF. Sorry, but I disagree: steps are not the essence because they are a product of the torso movement and thus secondary. Step diagrams as the the one you mentioned are for me anyway rather a means of remembering elements. And although these really were made very well they are only used in a transitional phase. I think every dancer will develop his own language to memorize his vocabulary regardless of whether graphical or in ontological hierachies.
  5. Pietro

    Pietro New Member

    Thanks for pointing me in a better direction. Being relatively new to argentine tango I probably focus too much on putting my feet in the right place in the right order.
  6. AndaBien

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    That's a very good thing for you to know. Follow that idea like it's the scent of a tasty meal.

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