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Discussion in 'General Dance Discussion' started by gnarly, Jun 24, 2004.

  1. Sakura

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    Gnarly, love your location! :lol:

    And back-up dancers slipping up is always funny... Not for the poor dancer though! :shock:

    SK :kitty:
  2. gibbo15

    gibbo15 New Member

    leaning dance move

    my friend hannah knows everything there is to know about Mj and what hapens is they dance and then they all get into position magnets are turned on they lean forward and then lean up. thats why one of his dancers slip because the magnets are turned off and he was abit l8a cuming up so he fell abit.
  3. pygmalion

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    Hi gibbo15. Welcome. :D
  4. dancersdreamland

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    Welcome to the Forum Family, gibbo15. Look forward to seeing you on the boards!
  5. naz

    naz New Member

    in the 80's film clip he used wires. performing live he used patented shoes that have a hitch. look it up on google "michael jackson's patent" for more info.
  6. martincohen84

    martincohen84 New Member

    hi just to clear things up on the mj shoes debate over whether he uses wires or magnets or clips i have a pair that i bought and they use the clip method. a heel attachment is screwed on that has a slit in it and you slide into a custom board or stage that has metal prongs.

    once you slide in it forms a brace/support that allows you to lean at unatural angles although it still hurts your legs as thats where your supporting the weight.

    anyway i cant find the board at the moment but when i do ill post pics of it in action (i already have the pics of the shoes but someone needs to give me thier site address i can post the pics to)

    anyway hope that helped.

    p.s im making a mock music video about "they dont really care about us" but im not making fun of mj.

  7. doubletake

    doubletake New Member

    On the dangerous tour he uses special made shoes and hooks.

    The move can be done without it, of course the lean isn't as strong. I've seen people doing it on soul train.

    Here's video of Michael doing it on the bad tour without the special shoes, using his own body.
  8. nima_guitar

    nima_guitar New Member

    Oh MY GOD

    You guys crack me up man. lol, the replies are just so crazy it makes me think where did you guys go to school?

    1) I'm not trying to take anything away from Michael, he's a great dancer and an extremely talented person. And I don’t care what goes on in his private life, just like I don't care that Russell Crow beats people up in his free time, he is still a good actor to me. And just like you wouldn’t care if your lawyer has gang bangs at night as long as he does his job well.

    2) Now coming to the lean move. I don't care what you think straps him to the ground (screws, magnets...) even if he did lock his feet to the ground the moment (also known as torque) caused by the center of mass (around where your chest is) almost 1 meter away from your central axis of revolution is gigantic for any man's ankle to be able to withstand at such an angle since the gravitational force becomes more effective as the component in the moment arm increases in size as you lower down the slope of the incline. SO... if you were an engineer or a physicist you would know how retarded the idea of locking your foot to the ground is in order to do such a move. And if you don't believe me try it, some how lock you feet to the ground and try leaning, oh and WORNING! By the way you will fall and break both your ankles as you totally bend them 180 degrees.

    3) Therefore, it can only be with a harness from above, which is why if you ever watch live shows when he does the move, there is always a distraction before the move (e.g. lights go out crazy guy walks in with and plays with fire) before the dancers can hook on their harnesses.

    I hope this works for you, if not look into the text by Johnston called "Vector mechanics for engineers"
  9. Backstreet

    Backstreet New Member

    Ok here's how it is done -- Special shoes that are rigged. The shoes have to have ankle supports and a special board. Basically the heel of the foot is rigged to support your weight and it catches in the hook. How do I know?

    I own that very product as my studio has used it in dance productions. We have to have our shoes rigged by them in order for it to work and the shoes have to have ankle supports.
  10. Backstreet

    Backstreet New Member

    Re: Oh MY GOD

    Btw, I am sorry to say but you are completely wrong. It can be done with shoes that have ankle supports and it is the exact same thing they use in the live performances. Like I said, I own the product and I even provided the link where it is purchased from.

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