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Discussion in 'Swing Discussion Boards' started by lily, Feb 18, 2005.

  1. lily

    lily Member

    Hi :D

    Does anyone here live in New York and know Modern Jive?

    I know that there are a few Modern Jive dance parties in New York and I'd love to meet some people who do this style of dancing. I also enjoy Lindy Hop and other Swing dances and the choice for that is huge but I'm having trouble finding Modern Jivers to go dancing with!

    Thanks 8)

  2. blue

    blue New Member

    An ignorant question - what is Modern Jive? Is the the Ceroc thing, the ballroom jive thing or something else?
  3. lily

    lily Member

    It's not ballroom Jive. It is, I suppose, what's known as Ceroc, but Ceroc is a trade marked name for one Particular Modern Jive company.

    The main differences from Swing, are that there are lots of moves that dancers learn early on, even as a beginner and there is less emphasis on the footwork. Also, Modern Jive parties tend to play a mixture of all types of music from Jazz, to Rock 'n' Roll to pop.

  4. blue

    blue New Member

    As jive is a European thing to start with, maybe it is not so strange if jive is scarse over there.

    Anyone who has heard of jive in the US at all - other than ballroom jive?
  5. lily

    lily Member

    I guess you're right. When I spoke to a friend in England recently she was amazed that I'm even interested in looking for Modern Jive dances. "But you're in the home of Lindy Hop!" she wailed!

    And I do enjoy Lindy, but I love Modern Jive too and I hate to think that I can never dance Rock 'n' Roll or Boogie again. Modern Jive is the closest that I've found to that.

    I know that there are MJ parties here in NY, but they are just so few and far between that I was hoping to meet a few dancers who liked the style so that we could dance together more often :(

    Anyone? :)
  6. Chris Stratton

    Chris Stratton New Member

    In a way it's sort of amazing that in a city as big as New York, you can find an activity where the scene is too small... but this does seem to be the case for a number of partner dance specialties.
  7. blue

    blue New Member

  8. Chris Stratton

    Chris Stratton New Member

    Better run before someone starts calling it "Freedom Jive"
  9. lily

    lily Member

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Actually, I'm English but I did come to the US after living 14 years in France.

    "Freedom Jive" :shock: :D Sounds like a 60s version of the dance!!!
  10. lily

    lily Member

    In fact, one of the reasons that I'm looking for people who Jive is that I get bored with the moves in Lindy Hop :shock: :oops: :)

    There are so many tricks and fun footwork things to do in Lindy but there aren't many passes with the hands. It's hard to explain what I mean. When I go Swing dancing I get bored with the moves the leads do because they are always the same thing. When I danced in France I would by spun around and not know what would happen next: maybe my dance partner would lead me by the left hand, the right, the shoulders, the hips, my waist... it was so much fun!

    The 2 times I've been to Modern Jive parties I've had such a great time. Maybe the music isn't always what I'd choose but the moves are so much more interesting.
  11. blue

    blue New Member

    Even better, an englishwoman in New York. :lol:

    Sounds like another part of the lindy community could be better. Or maybe ECS?
  12. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    You can do all that you have mentioned in lindy. I have seen it done. But there are many whose repertoire is limited, who don't pay attention to musicality and that is where the problem lies. Not in the dance, but with the dancers.
  13. lily

    lily Member


    But I can't find places where East Coast Swing is taught/danced. Everywhere I look and ask, I find that ECS is a starting block for Lindy so as soon as the dancers get any good, they move onto Lindy!
  14. lily

    lily Member

    I don't think it's a question of level. I've seen really, really good Lindy Hop dancers who are doing amazing moves and who are obviously excellent dancers, but the moves they are doing are all the same sort of thing. I wish I knew the names of the moves to help me explain :? :)

  15. Flat Shoes

    Flat Shoes New Member


    Wow, never ever thought I'de ever 'hear' that!

    Most people would say the exact opposite. Jive is fun, but once you've tasted Lindy Hop... Lindy has just so many more dimensions than Jive.
  16. lily

    lily Member

    I know :oops: and I completely agree that Lindy is more difficult than Modern Jive and in general it makes better dancers. Given the choice, I'd much rather do Rock 'n' Roll or Boogie as it has the advantages of both the complicated moves of MJ and the footwork training of Lindy.

    I keep watching Lindy videos and going to dances in the hope that I will suddenly fall in love with it :D but it hasn't happened yet. I love the upright stance and tonic, dynamic movements of Rock 'n' Roll and I can't find them in Lindy.

    Also, I love dancing to fast, dynamic music and most of the Jazz that is played at the dances I've been to is slow. Even if the music played at MJ parties is sometimes not at all what I prefer, at least I can request some Elvis or other 50s music and it'll be played!

  17. Flat Shoes

    Flat Shoes New Member

    Maybe the Lindy feel is not what you trigger on, Lily. Or maybe you have yet to really feel it? (I have no idea what your level is.)

    There is definitely a different feel to Lindy on one side and Rock'n'Roll, Boogie Woogie, Jive on the other side. Lindy is more jazzy and cool, and the others are more 'jumpy' and less laidback. I have a good friend who maybe are like you in this department, she is jumpy and all over the place and impossible to 'cool down' for a decent Lindy. :lol: Different people likes different things.

    But I want to arrest you on one point. Jive/BW/RR does not have more complicated or more dynamic moves than Lindy. BW and Lindy are quite similar, but the same moves are danced with different styles. Lindy has in addition the whole charleston class of moves. Jive/RR are a lot simpler than Lindy. In fact all you do in Jive, you can do in Lindy too. But dancing Lindy like you dance Jive would give the whole dance a different feeling. That's why we don't turn and spin you back and forth all the time, like in Jive.

    My guess is that the Lindy style and feel just doesn't click with you the same way more 'jumpy' swing dancing do.
  18. lily

    lily Member

    That's exactly right :D I'm not saying that one style is better than the other, but it's the 'jumpy, dynamic, tonique, spin, turn, twist' aspect of Jive that I love! I know that the Charleston moves are complicated but that's not what I mean. They are all smooth and don't have the same feel to them as being lead into a spin or some other move in Jive. When I say dynamic, I mean that little kick on the one, the slight but firm bounce in the arms, the spinning and the upright stance!


  19. babsnyb1

    babsnyb1 New Member

    Lily -- I live in NY and have danced Ceroc for many years. I know a few other Ceroc dancers in town and/or that pass through on a regular basis. Let me know if you're still interested in finding dancers to go out with. -- Barbara.

  20. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    Very cool! :D And welcome to df. :)

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