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Discussion in 'Videos' started by Peaches, Apr 8, 2008.

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    I could just walk all night, I love it...
    With the right leader, of course.
    And I wish I was better at it.
    Though my (non-tango) friends laugh when I say I should really practice how to walk more :)
  4. Me

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    Again, a nice video.

    My coach is always trying to show people all the wonderful things that happen when you simply walk. Students' brains explode all the time when he shows them something so simple as alternating your walk from outside to inside (as these dancers are doing, only they call it a snake walk.) What they are dancing is strikingly similar to what he attempts to teach other peoples' headstrong students who only want to slop through fancy patterns.

    It also looks like these guys focus on the importance of moving through the middle. If they were just moving from one foot to the other, their movement quality would be completely different. Her nice volcadas are possible partially because she is sustaining her center in the middle of her stride.

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