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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by sbrnsmith, Feb 22, 2016.

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    Yeah, panic attacks was my expression... and one memorable time I did have one in the parking lot of the studio and just couldn't make myself get out of the car. Not a fun experience, and a real indication that some changes needed to be made - not just at dance, but that was a huge part of it. I don't recommend letting the stress build to that point.

    (Acknowledged that unless there's something else going on, others may not ever get to quite that extreme.)
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    For me, it isn't evident what the owners are doing wrong aside from the problem with payment records. You said you are trying to adapt to some some new rules, and there is a my way or the highway approach. But you weren't very specific (maybe on purpose). It seems to me much of the problem you are having is related to information you have not explained fully. Maybe these are issues that if discussed could be resolved. Maybe the new owners don't understand and you could be the person that helps them improve their business (and overall customer experience).
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    Pretty much everybody has something "else' going on. ;)

    (And those of you who do not, enjoy and congratulations on the likely hard work that got you to where you can say that.)
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    Thanks all for the comments! I finally get around to reading them, because I got afflicted with terrible terrible stomach virus this week. OMG it was terrible and long lasting. @DanceMentor - I was a little vague with it, I realize. There was a whole load of very discrete issues that I already brought up in emails to the owner and the regional manager, I didn't want to rehash all of that here, it was more looking to see what other people had done when facing similar issues. I am known for being rather outspoken, and have brought up my concerns to the owners multiple times in writing. I will stay the course so far and continue making my voice heard. I believe there will come a time when I will just have to leave, just not now.

    JANATHOME Well-Known Member

    Questions on this, with a twist..
    I dance standard with a pro I love, is very committed to our pro/am partnership and always respectful to me. I am constantly learning and improving, all very good.
    About 2 years ago I asked if we could start on smooth and after about a month I told pro I would rather just stick to standard... The truth was I did not like dancing smooth with him, even though he has another student that he is successful with in smooth. Many reasons I did not like the smooth relationship which I wont bore you all with. Since the pro is so well accomplished in standard at the time I was fine with just standard.

    So a few years later the desire is still there and considering another pro for smooth. My problem is that this the studio I dance at is in a area with a lot of very good direct competition and my studio has worked very hard to be successful in a studio saturated area.(all independents). I get the line of thought that it "it is my money" but I know it would offend the pro if I dance elsewhere and I do not want to put at risk a very successful standard pro/am relationship.... I just don't think I would be able to tell pro this without risk of damage and frankly hurting his feelings. After much thought I am not willing or don't want to have this conversation... All "my money" wont be much good if I blow the good think I have...

    Still I consider working with another instructor for smooth. Any thoughts how to navagate this, within what I have stated I am or am not willing to do?
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    no words of wisdom for you but... hello!
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    Maybe someone could buy a gift certificate for your birthday... but from the wrong studio... by accident. Then you could just be like "gee... what ever will I do with this gift certificate from that other studio? Hmmn, I guess I will just go take a few lessons with the other teacher."
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    Maybe bo

    Maybe coming, leaving and returning need not be thought of as permanent. I don't know if there are only a couple of other choices available in your area or if you have many. I happen to live in the second largest metropolitan area in the United States and it is super easy to find very talented people. It is not uncommon for someone to lay their teacher for a while, and then come back later. Or maybe they just find someone they like more and they stay with that teacher for a while. It just goes with the territory. I think most important is whether or not you feel you are growing in the current situation. And then the second most important consideration is if whether you know you would potentially grow more in a situation outside of the one you already know. If you don't know the answer, maybe you should find out.

    I hope you figure it out and I really don't know the specifics so I'm just guessing on what to say here. Best wishes.
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    Thanks - it ended up that I got lucky! The pro at the studio I hated moved to the studio I like. So, I was able to leave the older studiol it's lovely having him there, since my two pros are good friends, and one will jump in during lessons to do mini coachings when I have a lesson for the other. (this is both awesome and also occasionally frustrating, lol)

    I do have other options in the area, a few independents that i know the pros at and who are very skilled teachers and dancers. I've considered switching for cost and competition access reasons, but as my kids have gotten older, i've needed to pay attention to location as well, and the others are too far right now. It is nice to know that I have those options. A few things have been changing for the better at my new studio as well (more competitions, better payment/lesson structure), along with both my pros now working out of the same on, so there is not a compelling reason to totally switch yet and bit the bullet on travel times.
  10. scullystwin42

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    So, it sounds like there are not other pros at the current studio that you could do smooth with? That's a hard one. It's been two years since you tried smooth with this pro, could you try it again?
  11. sbrnsmith

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    So I'm looking back at this from my posts more than a year ago... it's funny how things change, and life and perspectives change. I was really thinking at that time that I owed it to myself to try out Latin with a different pro and continue my Smooth and Standard with current pro. I had all kinds of arguments tucked away to make my case. After all, if I wanted to compete with another pro in a different style, I should be able to. Except I found out it's not that easy at all. I had all kinds of issues with getting started and having any kind of regular lessons with new pro... also new pro was not very willing or able to give me the times I needed. It was all kinds of messy. And I just discovered that I really loved dancing with my current teacher. He fits me the best. We just click and he has the best chemistry with me. Everything I was trying to force with the new guy, just flows naturally with my current teacher. We have a great connection. I don't need another teacher, at least for the foreseeable future. He's not perfect as he's human, but he really gives all his energy and I'm thankful for that. I consider myself an average dancer with some means at my disposal and a love for dance. I'm just happy that he's my teacher. Bottom line for me anyway... grass is not always greener on the other side.
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    I sure hope this is a typo!
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    Joe. Buzzkill.
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    Waving back to Larinda!
    Good post Sbrnsmith.
    The more I thought about this I thought... I don't have a desire to dance smooth with current pro, but there are a lot of smooth group classes in my area that might give me "the smooth fix" I am looking for right now. If there comes a time I wish to compete smooth, I can rethink it then.
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    Now that was a pretty funny catch. Haha
    It should have been leave their teacher for a while. That being said I do know a few cases but of course we can't discuss them.
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    IMV, as ProAm continues to be more competitive, particularly at the open levels, it's not that unusual to see a student have different pros for different styles. That being said... yes... coordinating schedules, costs and just the general feel of connection between the different teachers can be challenging!
  17. FancyFeet

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    True, but 10-dance or 9-dance competitions - though rarely offered in the pro-am world - require you to dance both segments with the same pro, at least for all of the ones that I have seen. For anyone that has that as a goal, it's something to keep in mind.
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    I dance smooth with one pro and Latin with another. Each of them are highly regarded in their field and their body types and physical abilities match mine well for each style.
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