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    We are currently looking for a few exceptional public elementary school teachers (K-5 for now) who are willing to give an innovative social concept a try.

    We don't get many chances to help affect people's lives for the better. I'm proud to say here's one.

    As some of you might know, I'm helping out in a new and very cool and awesome project called

    In the next few days we will be offering The School Zone. This is a section of the Metroleta website where we are developing/collecting online tools for school teachers to use (for FREE)--and where they can earn school supplies for their students (also for FREE).

    There are many ZONES on the website (I just started to write a dance column on one, for example) that would be of interest to the general public (not just school teachers).

    The concept is brilliant:

    Everytime a member uses they earn points. Those points can be awarded to a participating elementary school teacher. The teacher can eventually redeem FREE school supplies for their students from Metroleta for FREE. Where feasible, Metroleta will purchase the supplies from the community of the teacher. (We are currently building our Childrens Fund--we will award supplies/lunches once we get it established--for now Metroleta is offering online tools).

    1. About 1 in 4 or 5 children in the U.S. go without a meal every day.
    2. School teachers in the US typically spend $2000-$3000/year OF THEIR OWN MONEY for school supplies and snacks (because of budget cutbacks).
    3. U.S. teachers spent a combined $1.33 BILLION of their PERSONAL money in 2010 to buy those supplies. What if we can bring this beyond the U.S., to children in other parts of the world?
    What is Metroleta?
    Metroleta is dedicated to creating social tools for social issues facing children in economic distress. But in a very different way. Our goal is to establish a Childrens Fund by creating a reliable income stream from advertising (and other commercial projects) instead of depending on effort-sapping yearly fund-raising. The purpose is to channel those profits to helping children on a broad scale.

    Metroleta is proudly Unfunded, Apolitical, and Secular. Despite having to start from scratch, we have already built a team of over 22 and growing every week. The website, its technology, content, marketing materials, and so on, were all developed through the good graces of our talented writing, marketing, design, and technology teams. And there's more to come from them.

    The School Zone will be opening in the next few days (initially by invitation only--while we're sprucing up the website). We welcome all public school teachers, however, our initial target cities are Portland, Eugene, and San Francisco, or the West Coast for now. When we get this rolling, we plan to bring this to 3rd world children.

    Relevant links: (we're working on sprucing up the site for easier use, so excuse our mess).

    [we're on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, & Youtube--and we're just getting started]

    Please PM me:
    • For details, questions, inquiries,
    • If you're a teacher or know one who's interested,
    • If you're interested in helping out (By just becoming a Metroleta member (FREE), you'll already be helping out!).
    I will hook you up with the Teacher Outreach team. (NB: Teachers who sign up now, will get priority when funds are awarded.)

    Thank you for your time reading this long post. It is appreciated.


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