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Discussion in 'General Dance Discussion' started by Gary Molton, Dec 13, 2016.

  1. Gary Molton

    Gary Molton New Member

    I’ve been having dance lessons for a number of years, with several teachers, but have always struggled to remember the never ending list of new steps.

    So I’ve write a mobile phone game to help people practice and remember. The app has various training modes and a game where the user get a score based on how well they move the phone in the direction and angle of the steps.

    I think it’s turned out rather well and I’d like to find a few dance teachers to trial it on their -students.

    Basically we will add the dance steps you teach into the program and then you can give all of your students a copy of the phone app to use as homework. I’m confident it will make a big improvement to how quickly they learn and remember the dance.

    Assuming this works we’d then like to try to get articles in the local press about this new teaching method mentioning your school and our software.

    All we ask is that any bugs, issue or improvements are reported back to us rather than via social media, until we fully release the program following these trials.

    An online demo (no game movement feedback), phone app download (Android only) and PC setup program can be found at phonedancing(dot)com. Appreciate if anyone interested could contact me through the website form if you are interested.
  2. Gary Molton

    Gary Molton New Member

    We've now add a link from the website to a signed app in google play which should be easier to install.
    Still only in beta test as we are adding more dance steps.
  3. Gary Molton

    Gary Molton New Member

    Both Android and iPhone programs now released in itunes app store and google play. They are currently free as they only include basic Walz, Cha Cha, Rumba and line dancing routines at this stage.
    Hopefully the game will provide some useful homework for dance teachers to give to their students so that they can have fun practicing dance steps at home.
    But please let me know especially if their progress improves.

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