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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by africana, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. Beto

    Beto Active Member

    Yippee, that was probably me talking about time-fillers after getting into NYC (I arrive around 1pm and my gf and I will probably check our bags at the hotel since actual checkin isn't till 3pm). I'm hoping we can dash over to Worldtone to browse the shoes before the evening starts.

    The skating might be fun to watch. Though I won't be taking part in it as it's something still on my "to learn" list and trying to right before a congress is probably a bad idea ;)

    Time permitting, we might be checking out the Milonga in Central Park that starts at 6pm.

    btw, I'll keep an eye out for you at the congress. :D

    They hold this Brazilian Festival every year. I remember seeing it briefly in 2004 and actually checking it out in detail last year. Several blocks are closed off on 6th Avenue for it.


    Sunday September 3rd
    The 22nd Annual Brazilian Day Festival
    (on 6th Avenue from 42nd - 56th Street
    & on 46th St. from Madison - 7th Avenue)
  2. africana

    africana New Member

    err Beto you're not helping the frankie-class cause by posting this info :p

    hmm class or shopping, before dancing? what horrible choices to make :lol:
    Actually that is a grreat street fair :)
  3. Beto

    Beto Active Member

    Frankie's class is from 3-4pm. That's PLENTY of time to take in the Brazilian Festival. :D

    Okay, so it's not Sophie's Choice but yes, it's a dilemna What to do, what to do...
    Either on Saturday or Sunday I want to make a trip to the Village to check out BangBang and see what they've got (one of my favorite pairs of jeans came from that place, and well, I need new ones)
  4. africana

    africana New Member

    i was being happily sarcastic cos those are all wonder-fun in-NYC-only options :D
    Jimmy's starts at 5:30 and I wanna be there from start to finish....hmm what ever will i do?? man i'm stoked!
    hey alemana - do the cool kids go to jimmy's early? hah

    btw I didn't know that street fair was Brazilian cso they sell even plain t-shirts, cheap. I wonder if I can find some really neat tops like i got a while ago, or the big skirts hmmm...
  5. genEus

    genEus New Member

    Is salsa @ Seaport still happening or you think no one's going to be there Sat. night? (Also, the weather may not be great)
  6. Beto

    Beto Active Member

    I know you were. However, I was maxed out on emoticons (silly DanceForums limit). ;)
    Yeah they sold all kinds of stuff. Aside from the food I'll be buying and the mass quantities of guarana antarctica I'll be consuming, I'm planning on hitting the clothing racks to see what they've got :D
  7. alemana

    alemana New Member

    jimmy's is going to be a zoo - i would go on the DOT of 5:30 if i were you. i know that is what i'll be doing. get some dances in before it becomes physically impossible to move in there.

    down at the Seaport there is an extremely cool exhibit called "bodies." i recommend it for folks looking for something to do. plus the seaport area is cool.
  8. africana

    africana New Member

    cool Beto i'm just giddy atm. what guarana antartica?? energy drink? is it better than the caffeine based stuff? Sometimes i like green tea

    I think Frankie's class will have to keep till October when there aren't so many things going on (plus I don't know how my injury will hold up against so much dancing, i plan to push it tho ;))

    thanks for the headsup alemana, will be there as early as can be :)
  9. Beto

    Beto Active Member

    Hmm...:idea: Our bus to get back here leaves at 9pm (meaning we should be at the station by 8pm. I wonder if 2 hours at Jimmy's is worth it...

    That exhibit looks pretty neat. Adding it to my "if we have time in NYC" list :D

    Mmm, sorta. It's a Brazilian soda I stumbled across back in late 80's. It's ultra yummy and I haven't had any since last year's congress. It's sold all over the US but doesn't have wide distribution like the regular colas and sodas. You have to find stores that carry it (usually specialty markets and the like). Here's the wiki link to give you the 411 :DĂ¡_Antarctica
  10. alemana

    alemana New Member

    jimmy's is ALWAYS worth it... are you HIGH? :)
  11. Beto

    Beto Active Member

    *exhales* uh, um, no, not high ...just I usually go for the full 4 hours so 2 hours might not seem enough. Then again...4 hours of Jimmy's is equal to about 8-10 hours here in the DC area over the course of 2 weeks, sooo...

    I see your point. :D

    EDIT: Okay I just got reminded that I'll be having dinner in Little Italy around the time Jimmy's starts. Just no time for it on this visit to NYC. :( But there will be other times so that I can look forward to :D
  12. africana

    africana New Member

    off the airport!!!!!!!!!! :bouncy:

    see yall when I see yall :D
  13. nycsalsero

    nycsalsero Member

    Well I danced with every tall black woman I could find at the nyc congress... hopefully one of them was you Africana :)
  14. squirrel

    squirrel New Member

    Why don't u guys exchange phone no.s next year? Maybe this is how you'll make sure to meet... ;)
  15. yippee1999

    yippee1999 Member

    so what did you all think of the congress? I went Sat night for the social. I'd never been to a congress before, so I was glad to have experienced it, but I gotta say... I really wasn't "feeling it". Maybe because the space was just so big? I guess I prefer the down and dirty and full-of-energy and sweaty Jimmy's! There were a few notable dancers I did see there though... I saw Magna Gopal (on the carpet :--) .... and I also saw a woman that had performed at the Angel Ortiz/Eddie Torres social a few weeks ago... the woman from Russia I think it was, whose partner was Mexican? She was there. Oh, and did anybody notice the woman Sat. night... she was mainly dancing in the center section of the floor, and towards the edge where the "audience" would be standing... she looked maybe Russian/Ukranian... and she had her hair pulled back in a bun, and she had on slim jeans, and a crisp white shirt with dramatic short cuffs? She was a good dancer.

    I also checked out the hustle room for a bit. God, I gotta learn the hustle!! (I've taken just one class so far... seems very similar to salsa, minus the hip action..) But god, I do love disco!! Anyway, the hustle room was a blast! I felt the energy in there was way better than in the salsa room, I hate to say...
  16. Beto

    Beto Active Member

    I had a good time Saturday night. I totally hear you on the 'energy level' being different when compared to Jimmy's. Socials like his are smaller and more intimate (yes, even when talking about where his socials are held). With a huge ballroom's like the Hilton's, you don't quite get the same feel. You -do- have fun but it's a different vibe. Next year I'll probably do 2-3 nights so that I can take in more of the congress (like I have in years' past) but also so I can see more of NYC (hit Times Square, Frankie M's class, Little Italy, the Village and a few other places when time allowed for it but want to SEE MORE!)
  17. yippee1999

    yippee1999 Member

    cool photo. I get such a kick out of Frankie!
  18. africana

    africana New Member

    All the DFer guys were at Jimmy's, and/or congress. I spotted and dance with them thoughout the congress

    I had a great time overall, several great dances, saw a ton of my fav peeps from all over, met a lot of folks, but right now I'm not enamoured of congresses as such anymore, ever since I experienced great social dancing in NYC.
    this congress' social dancing is probably the best of them all but still, consistently finding good partners is a trip, again I mostly stuck with folks I knew already. And I'm tired of the overhyped names...

    But man the music at Jimmy's: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! somebody slap me what a dream! I was so tired by sunday, but even just sitting and listening to the DJs was hot! It was like the trumpets were live in there. the dancing was so-so, I assume the holidiay weekend sucked away the NY dancers, it was mostly congress folks there. Still I had some great dances

    oh but my wallet got stolen! Thank goodness kiwi stuck around with me :D I would have had to walk back 20-30 blocks to the Hilton

    Overall a good time for a long weekend

    nycsalsero: I don't think you danced with wouldn't have to wonder lol
  19. genEus

    genEus New Member

    I was dying to go to Jimmy's... but had probably the most crushing headache I've ever had in my life. I took a pill around 4:30 and an hour later I was parked on W18th street. I sat in the car for 15 minutes and realized I would have a hard time walking a block, much less trying to dance in a sauna with loud music... I drove back and slept 12 hours that night. How sad. :(
  20. africana

    africana New Member

    "happy" ending for my wallet. they found it in the men's restroom trash at Jimmy's/Dance manhattan, minus the cash :( but with my license, and cards but those are already cancelled <sigh>

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