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Discussion in 'Videos' started by MikeRose, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. MikeRose

    MikeRose Member

    Maybe it's a silly question, but I see all these wonderful performances here and wonder if it's okay for me, a 50-year-old guy who's been taking dance lessons for just over two years now, to post the video of his first showcase.

    Yeah, I know, I should probably just go ahead and post it, but I'd rather look silly for asking than look foolish for diving in where I shouldn't, so I'll err on the side of caution and ask first.
  2. mamboqueen

    mamboqueen Well-Known Member

    Post it!
  3. Terpsichorean Clod

    Terpsichorean Clod Moderator

    Yes. Please do! A lot of us (like me) have less experience than you.
  4. samina

    samina Well-Known Member

    absolutely! :D
  5. suburbaknght

    suburbaknght Well-Known Member

    Definitely! There is nothing I love about dancing more than watching someone discover something that gives him or her so much joy and pride and pleasure. Please share it.
  6. MikeRose

    MikeRose Member

    Well, thanks for the encouragement, everyone! I didn't post it last night because, ironically, I left for a group rumba lesson shortly after my first post, but I'll do that now. Look for a new thread titled "My Casablanca-themed foxtrot routine." It combines my new passion for ballroom dance with my lifelong passion for Humphrey Bogart.
  7. Twilight_Elena

    Twilight_Elena Well-Known Member

    Sigh... Bogey...
    Please continue without me, I'll be drooling in the corner.


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