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Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by Mladenac, Feb 22, 2013.

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    live365.com - The channel is Tango Evolution Radio. I listen often, but I don't subscribe.
    On My Android I occassionally listen to Slacker Radio. The channels: Carlos Di Sarli. Miguel Calo Radio, Pedacito de Cielo Radio.
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    A new online Tango radio station is being broadcast from New York City on Tuesday at 8pm EST.

    Their post in another forum says:

    Consider it your "Digital Embrace". Tango Recuerdo is an Internet Radio Show that is about to launch. Live interviews with prolific tango dancers, musicians, writers, composers, teachers, producers, and choreographers. Listen to our LIVE Broadcast!! Don't miss it!Visit us at
    and log in.
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    Pandora has a Tango Argentino station.
  7. Mladenac

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    A little bit to late for me.
    It would be 02:00 in my time zone.
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    Do they have podcasts?
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    Don't know if they have podcasts, embarrassed to say, but I haven't been there yet. :(
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    I saw a huge poster on the street advertising a new radio station in Buenos Aires. It's called MALENA - NOMBRE DE TANGO 89.1 FM www.radiomalena.com
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    Try Pandora.
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    Long ago in another thread I suggested http://w w w.la2x4.com/home.php
    but the link leads nowhere now. Hopefully the actual radio (92.7) still exists.
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    Bumped up this old thread now that streaming music is so widespread. Which Argentine tango streams are you listening or subscribing to?

    On my phone I'm currently listening to Spotify: 5am en el salon canning by Ney Melo and tanda of the week by dj anttiveikko

    On my computer I sometimes listen to YouTube - Cantando Tangos, and argentinatangodj

    How about you?
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    Which rights are covert by these services (no matter if radio or internet)? We DJays and organizer find ourself in constant fight with licensing agencies, the GEMA, SADAIC, and PROs. How many people are allowed to listen Spotify collectively?
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    Spotify pays for those rights (as does Pandora).
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