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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by africana, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. Josh

    Josh Active Member

    true dat. Some instructors I know who casually teach some salsa every now and then make me so annoyed that I can't bear to watch them teach a student. There's little intensity, passion, and they dance it as if they just don't care. That's why even though I know a bit of ECS I refuse to teach it to students who request it-- I flat out tell them I don't like it, and they would be getting cheated by having me teach it.

    no worries on 'dabblers' africana-- use it freely, i can collect no royalties. :wink: however, i must answer no for your question, "is it possible to dabble while appreciating how much work and skill something takes?" Sure, you can have some understanding and respect of it, but at higher levels the hard work is made to look easy, so IMO, you can't fully appreciate a certain level of any accomplishment if you have never been at that level. case in point: how many salsa dancers go through an intro level group class for a few weeks, and come out thinking that they're badasses, even when they see other better salsa dancers? why? they aren't able to recognize finer points of the dancing that make it look smooth, or sharp, or whatever, because they haven't been introduced to those concepts yet. it's like trying to examine an object at a cell/molecular level while only being equipped with a magnifying glass... you can see higher details, but to get to the next level of appreciation/examination, you really need a microscope.
  2. genEus

    genEus New Member

    I just remembered a funny story. Went to some ballroom event to do a demo with my teacher. Where I live mostly people of the average age of above 50 go to these "ballroom" events. Well... we did our demo and taught some very very basic combination since most people could barely do an inside turn and then decided to just hang out a little afterwards.

    They played mostly boring modern pop-waltzes, ballroom cha-cha (yech), etc. Then, the organizer/DJ announced "now for some hot salsa." And put on some crappy romantic N'Klabe song, and about one or two couples tried to do something to the music.

    But, what I found funny was that here, something grandiose as salsa, a cult, an art form in and of itself, was being passed off like "here's another tune you dance to, this is called salsa. Now let's move on..." I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Just rolled my eyes and left.
  3. yippee1999

    yippee1999 Member

    Yes, I DO care! :--)

    Interesting subject. I've always been into dance, but never having had training when I was younger, thought that "serious" dancing, even on a social level, was not going to be an option for me due to my age. And then by a rather organic process, I got into salsa. Took classes, went to dances, and got hooked. With all those endorphins going, it SERIOUSLY has become a drug for me.... one that I currently cannot live without.

    And so I think as I've become addicted to this high, my other musical genre loves seem to also be burgeoning. Example: I was at a social at YSBD. I went for the salsa, although they had two other rooms for tango and hustle. Well the salsa room was essentially dead, so my friend and I went to check out the other rooms. The tango room was pretty good, but the hustle room was where the REAL party was at. I just had no IDEA people still did the hustle in this day and age... that there was a thriving hustle community. The room was alive with energy, and with every song that came on I was like "oh my god, I remember this song!! I love this song!!" (While I always loved classic club disco from the late 70s, unfortunately I was not old enough to actually experience it at the clubs.) Anyway, I have since taken my first hustle class, and it came quite easily to me due to my salsa training. And I plan on continuing with classes, and eventually trying out some of the hustle socials. But in the meantime, yes, salsa is my big love right now, and so if I really want to do the hustle thing, I will basically have to "carve" time out of my salsa regimen for it.

    I also recently went to a party that had house music, and while never a house afficionado, I quickly came to realize that I really liked it, and in particular, the vibe of the crowd that seems to like this type of music. So I can sense that I will begin to frequent more house music dance venues also.

    So yeah, while it all began with salsa, the high that I got from it is definitely spilling over into other types of music. The positive energy from great music and dance is just undeniable. And it's such good clean fun! ;--)
  4. alemana

    alemana New Member

    i had the same reaction to hustle - i was like WHOA this is a WHOLE NOTHER SCENE.
  5. nikita

    nikita New Member

    I came to Salsa dancing because I absolutely adore the music. I used to listen to it 24/7 and I just couldn't get enough from it. But the form of dancing somehow does not satisfy me completely.
    So I tried ballroom, since I wanted to learn Cha Cha and Bolero, but hopping from one dance to another isn't meant for me.
    With AT/Tango nuevo it's completely different. This form of dancing absolutely fascinates and challanges me:D .
    My heart belongs to Zouk dancing, since there is no music, I like more.
    And of course Jazz+Ballett.
    Then I did Belly for a year and I also like it very much.
  6. africana

    africana New Member

    it's too easy to fall into the "All or Nothing" trap

    there are lots of dances that one CAN tell the level of difficulty or appreciate the work/effort involved without learning or even WANTING to learn. Also appreciate without admiring them

    - the polka comes to mind - LOL
    - so does country dancing - the look, the music ugh no thanks
    - so does a lot of ballroom dances - the standard dances, don't like the look the music
    - so do a lot of dances like ballet that I can easily tell tell if they're performed at an artistic & technical high level , but have absolutely no interest in learning
    - the lindy & ECS - it's dancing on crack LOL! but i respect the stamina, and also great musicality (love the big band music though)

    So what I'm saying is: the level of accomplishment doesn't mean a thing in terms making someone WANT to learn a dance. If a dance (or type of music) really touches you, you'd do ANYTHING to be great at it,and you won't even notice how much time, $$, effort you put into it, because it's just EVERYTHING :D

    In the meantime let dabblers dablle as they wish, it's all good
  7. africana

    africana New Member

    I know exactly what you mean! sometimes the moves and steps taught just don't satisfy the way you feel salsa should be danced! This is my top reason for studying other dance forms to do more with salsa music
  8. nikita

    nikita New Member

    Thank you for saying this!!!:D
    Since Salsa is danced so fast, there is a leck of emotional expressions sometimes. Instead of it there are 100s of spins:headwall: .
  9. africana

    africana New Member

    Yeah, it's the widespread robot-dancer problem

    can be helped by expanding our personal vocabulary of movement, responding to the music and to the partner
  10. tangotime

    tangotime Well-Known Member

    fast salsa

    Slight correction, not all salsa is fast, it comes in many speeds and thats what makes it all the more interesting to interpret-- slow rhythm takes more control.,finesse and musical intepretation and that holds true for most forms of dance, learning to " pace " ones self and fully use each bar to its best advantage .
  11. yippee1999

    yippee1999 Member

    I agree w/you guys on the salsa thing, and how in some ways the dance doesn't go w/the music. sometimes i wish there were more "freestyling" in salsa, where just like in a regular club, folks could just go out on the floor and do their own thing. but it seems to be "understood" that there is a certain way to dance to salsa, and that means man/woman, lead/follow, partnerwork, end of discussion.

  12. nikita

    nikita New Member

    Yeah- more freestyling:rocker: !
    Then we are no longer just the object of the man:raisebro: ...
  13. SDsalsaguy

    SDsalsaguy Administrator Staff Member

    Sorry to disagree here, and I'm not saying that I'm "right," only that I don't share the same viewpoint...

    Salsa music is great and all, and definately my prefereance above all other music. That said, I still don't want or like much solo/shining when I dance. For me, the partnering in partner dances is what I live for.
  14. yippee1999

    yippee1999 Member

    yeah, i agree w/you on that point as well salsa guy... that there's something to be said for partnering. i just wish the "rules" weren't so rigid... like why not sometimes you can do salsa with a partner... sometimes you can do it totally solo like normal club dancing? but folks would look at you cross-eyed if you were to dance to salsa solo.
  15. africana

    africana New Member

    hehe I know what you mean but I've been doing salsa solo for years. how else was I to be creative or learn to dance? There's not a lot of room for creativity in partnering if you don't "practice" solo. It's builds competence, confidence, wide range of expressivity, and intuitive feel for music that's great for both solo & partnering.
    Partnering alone only teaches one to follow or lead, not dance

    (oh yeah -- my new sig ;0)
  16. africana

    africana New Member

    definitely agree here, it's frustrating to watch or dance with one-speed, hard dancers. Following the nuances in slow songs like a nice cha cha cha allows for fuller, richer movement and expression
  17. KiwiMambo

    KiwiMambo New Member

    I did a workshop in Zouk at the DC Congress. I loved it. A very sensuous and passionate dance. I would like to take classes and incorporate some of that into Salsa. No classes here in San Diego though :(. Where are you taking classes?
  18. KiwiMambo

    KiwiMambo New Member

    That's why dancing to slow songs is harder when you are a beginner. After a while you really appreciate and love dancing to slower songs because you have more time to feel the music. If you see a good Cha Cha Dancer, most likely they are a good Salsa dancer. The reverse is not necessarily true. Dancing to slower music highlights your flaws. Dancing to fast music hides your flaws.
  19. PasoDancer

    PasoDancer New Member

    Holy cow! I was right! WestCoastarianism is taking hold! It's a cult! Do they get all glassy-eyed when they start talking about it, and slip into a kind of slurring fervor when they speak of it?
  20. fallenangel

    fallenangel New Member

    If you like dancing, i think pretty much everyone cares about what level of dancing they would like to acheive.
    Different types of dancing will help your salsa too.
    I have taken hip hop, raggae, latin ballroom, latin pop, and now afro cuban. Definatly helps and easier for you to adapt to any other types of dancing that you would like to venture on.
    Especially those body isolation, it even help you on your club dancing and of course you would groove better.
    And ya.. took a crash course on exotic dancing didn't know what it was about, but it was pretty cool and some kind of experience haha!

    "full time dancer, partime follower" <--- prefer this one

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