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Discussion in 'Swing Discussion Boards' started by jdavidb, Mar 24, 2004.

  1. bgirlswinger

    bgirlswinger New Member

    i liek to shag at really fast temps,.. perfer bal at kind of middle to slow the rest fits in wherever.
    amber d.
  2. Vince A

    Vince A Active Member

    . . . and I'm going with you tsb . . .
  3. voilsb

    voilsb New Member

    Well, yeah, but at slower tempos it's easier to play more, to hijack, to add to the lead, etc, whereas when you're dancing at tempos at the top of your comfort zone, it's probably better to leave that stuff out.

    Plus there's a whole lotta people who seem to care about "steps" and "moves" instead of "just dancing."
  4. Diavo

    Diavo New Member

    For me it's songs <200bpm that make me sit 'em out. Gotta have it fast!
    George Gee played at Glen Echo this weekend and I didn't dance the entire first set -- it wasn't fast enough for me! :wink:

    Just for reference, could someone post some common swing songs alongside their beats-per-minute? Thanks.
  5. etchuck

    etchuck New Member

    I don't know but I like slower lindies, because anything faster makes me think "ballroom jive" time. Then again, I am a more ballroom and westie-minded dancer too, so I can always enjoy it at any speed. :-D

    MEEPEE New Member

    225 BPM - Swingtime in the Rockies-Benny Goodman
    h t t p:// store.artistdirect.com/cgi-bin/gx.cgi/AppLogic+Search?select=Songs&searchstr=Swingtime+in+the+rockies&searchtype=NormalSearch&start=1&from=schema&submit.x=17&submit.y=8

    235 BPM - Sugarfoot Stomp-Fletcher Henderson
    h t t p:// ubl.artistdirect.com/music/artist/songs/0,,431084-2,00.html

    262 BPM - Traffic Jam-Artie Shaw
    h t t p:// store.artistdirect.com/cgi-bin/gx.cgi/AppLogic+Search?select=Songs&searchstr=Traffic+Jam&searchtype=NormalSearch&start=19&from=shopping

    322 smokin' BPM's - White Heat-Jimmie Lunceford ("Lunceford Special" Album)
    h t t p:// store.artistdirect.com/cgi-bin/gx.cgi/AppLogic+Search?select=Songs&searchstr=white+heat&searchtype=NormalSearch&start=1&from=schema
  7. swinginstyle

    swinginstyle New Member

    Cool thread. I can do fast lindy for a little while before I bust into bal and/or Charleston. I really need to build my endurance.
  8. jdavidb

    jdavidb New Member

    Hey this thread is 5 months old :eek: So, 5 months later, I am to the point where I can do all that I know at 280 bpm & probably up to 300, but I burn through my entire repertoire in 5 seconds! Not that quick, but I start getting repetitive real early at these tempos.

    MEEPEE New Member

    Swingouts are like snowflakes - no two are ever exactly alike. How can you ever get bored of that?
  10. Diavo

    Diavo New Member

    MEEPEE, thanks for that list, it helps. :)

    I just saw Big Bad Voodoo Daddy (again) this weekend -- man, I can't even stand still when they play! It was in a club, but that didn't stop me from dancin' up a storm. :D
  11. swinginstyle

    swinginstyle New Member

    I just danced fast shag this weekend. Cotton Tail by Duke Ellington. Give me an oxygen mask!
  12. Diavo

    Diavo New Member

    Oxygen mask and an IV of water for me!

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