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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by cowpaste, Dec 19, 2003.

  1. cowpaste

    cowpaste New Member

    Does anyone recommend I learn Merengue before Salsa? I know some of the moves are very similar. Also, I don't quite know how to lead yet, so I can learn that at least. Lastly, I feel much more comfortable dancing Merengue than I do Salsa...namely because I don't see a plethora of different Merengue styles like I do Salsa.

    I still like Salsa the most though...but I'll do anything to learn!
  2. DanceMentor

    DanceMentor Administrator

    Cowpaste, I think that is a good plan. In Merengue, it is easier to feel the rhythm and learn some moves. It's also easier for a beginner to do in the clubs and feel some level of confidence.
  3. Danish Guy

    Danish Guy New Member

    The lead in the Cuban style is a little different, and with more power.
    In many rotation patterns (8-1) you have to start the lead on 8.

    I heard the definition on leads, that in NY style you ask the lady
    if she would like to turn now, and would like to come over her.
    In the Cuban way you say turn now, go over here!
  4. borikensalsero

    borikensalsero Moderator

    Welcome Cowpaste :D

    If you feel a class is too slow for you, chances are that you are thinking too much about where you want to be and not where you are. Most beginners really believe to be in a place where they aren't, hence become bored with the class.

    When I go to a class, walk in a see it isn't as skilled as I thought. I start working on my lead, on listening to the beat, on looking at her, where my eyes go, how to feel the connection, etc. Even if the class isn't to your level there are a million things you can always work on.

    Stay in class. You seem to have found out that most street dancers do the cumbia step, a.k.a the 5th point break, don't worry, You can learn that style too, the more you know the better for you. Mambo as per US style is a back and forth dance. Street style is pretty much circular and all around no matter what salsa dancing country you go to.

    All I can say is to listen to the music a lot, listen to your feelings, and watch people dance, go home and practice what you saw. Soon, you'll be doing both circular dancing and slotted. Take pride in the journey there, don't worry about who is doing what. Worry about where you are and where you want to go. Soon, you'll be busting out to salsa.

    Many places in the United States where there are NY/LA style trained dancers will dance what you are currently dancing.
  5. cowpaste

    cowpaste New Member

    Oh this is just great. I live in Houston btw, and after some observation, I've noticed that everyone here pretty much dances circular Cumbia stuff. Ugh, now I have to find someone to teach me this version of Salsa. All those classes with NY/LA Salsa are pretty much useless here, if you want to truly fit in. Bleah bleah bleah.

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