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Discussion in 'Videos' started by rainerng, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. rainerng

    rainerng Member

  2. Casey

    Casey Member

    Thanks for posting this link - that was a terrific paso and Anna's yellow dress was wild! Do you know who the commentators are?
  3. rainerng

    rainerng Member

    No i dont actually
  4. wooh

    wooh Well-Known Member

    Love the end of it.
  5. dancing_pete72

    dancing_pete72 New Member

    the commentators were charli delaney and paul green
  6. Casey

    Casey Member

    oh, thanks - I saw Paul Green was emceeing, but didn't realize he was also the commentator. And Charli Delaney was on your DWTS --
  7. dancing_pete72

    dancing_pete72 New Member

    yes she was a contestant on the australian dancing with the stars
  8. pinkstuff

    pinkstuff Member

    Thanks for posting the link - really enjoyed watching it!
  9. syi

    syi Member

    They'll be performing at the Boston University competition this Sunday 2/18/09. Looking very, very, very, very forward to it.
  10. rainerng

    rainerng Member

    Dang! Wish I could be there
  11. mamboqueen

    mamboqueen Well-Known Member

    Ditto! It's an awesome paso.
  12. SwingWaltz

    SwingWaltz New Member

    They are FANTASTIC!!!
    I was there at the IDSF World Latin Championships! It was absolutely amazing! Should also check out their Jive, I personaly think their Jive on the day was the most entertaining I've ever seen!
  13. zp3929

    zp3929 New Member

  14. Angel HI

    Angel HI Well-Known Member

    Agreed. And, I don't want to start a war here, but, even though they were both good dances by respected dancers, when did it become acceptable...or why is it acceptable, for the Paso, and often other quick latin, to be danced w/ the head hung forward? Another adjudicator and I were discussing this at a recently judged comp, it used to be called a horse head, and here it is again from both couples.
  15. zp3929

    zp3929 New Member

    its an interesting point, i hadn't actually noticed it untill you pointed it out. do you think it increases the masculinity of the dance if done this way?
  16. Angel HI

    Angel HI Well-Known Member

    I certainly do not. I believe it is a huge oversight; an attempt to look intense or something. It seems to be a natural reaction when stressing a point. However, this is dance, and the dance is Paso. The woman doesn't display this intensity (even one of the commentators said this on one of the vids). Secondly, yes, the matador should be masculine, but w/ head erect and on spine...not hanging forward like the body moved and left the head behind.
  17. zp3929

    zp3929 New Member

    i was interested in finding the reasoning behind the unnatural movement in the head. I believe you did pinpoint it by saying that in their opinion it increases the intensity, espically when a straight line is created, the use of the head seems to be complimenting a bend in the knees. I do much agree that it is quite an aweful looking aspect of the upper standard paso doble

  18. SisterShimmy

    SisterShimmy New Member

    Man that was fire! BOTH actually but visually I just preferred the couple in all black. I'm not a pro so just my 2 cents.

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