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Discussion in 'Dancing on TV' started by AMeader, Nov 27, 2010.

  1. AMeader

    AMeader New Member

    Has anyone heard anything good or bad about the new dancing show on CBS? From what I can tell, it appears to be a SYTYCD knockoff...?
  2. Beto

    Beto Active Member

    Not so much since they allow solos, duos, trios and groups to compete. The show is still in casting so I don't think we'll know what shape it appears to be in until they get some footage shot.

    Google "Paula Adbul live to dance" and you'll get more info.
  3. rbazsz

    rbazsz New Member

    I watched the entire show on Monday. The show has it's good and bad points.

    Good: There is a large variety of dancing from dancers of every conceivable demographic. The line dancing is particularly good. It's exhilarating to see so many people of all ages that are good at the dances they do.

    Contestants either pass or fail on the spot. That's better than shows like DWTS that drags things on and gives callers too much power to slant results.

    Bad: I can't stand the way they pan from the dancing to the judges. Stupid TV folk: let us see the dancers do their entire routine. We don't need to see the judges until the dance is finished.

    It's very anticlimactic the way the judges score the dancers first and then make their comments. After the score who really cares what the judges say?

    The scoring system seems totally subjective and arbitrary. Of course that may be the nature of judging such a wide variety of dance.

    The dances were way too short. Perhaps they could do with less soap opera style drama and more dance.
  4. waltzgirl

    waltzgirl Active Member

    I watched the show, too, and enjoyed it generally. There will be voting later on; this stage was just to determine the initial contestants, much like the auditions for SYTYCD. Then the judges will pick the group that will actually compete from those that "passed" last night. This system allowed them to pass a few sentimental favorites, like a very old couple, who clearly will never make it into the actual competition.

    In some ways, it's kinder to the dancers to get the score first and then the comments. From what I saw, the judges usually stressed the positive in their comments, and that seemed to soften the blow of the negative score.

    Of course, there was too much drama and not enough dancing, but that's true of all the dancing shows, IMO.
  5. I also watched the show last night. Didn't know what to expect and was positively surprised by the quality of dancing. I really enjoyed the kids, i. e. the first hip hop boy and the last couple (9 + 10 years old).
  6. Ray Sison

    Ray Sison New Member

    Thanks, all! It's great to get some info about this show... :cheers:
  7. sambanada

    sambanada Active Member

    I enjoyed it!
  8. Ray Sison

    Ray Sison New Member

    That's good to know, sambanada! :)
  9. KimoMakano

    KimoMakano New Member

    We were really excited to watch this and for the most part enjoyed it.
    I do think though that they have already tarnished themselves. The judges have made some very bold statements about only allowing the best through to the semi-finals, then pass the elderly couple through!
    What was up with that?? Sure they were heartwarming, but you cannot tell me they were better than some who were not put through. If they want to make it an 'aata boy' show then okay, but stick with it all the way.
  10. jennyisdancing

    jennyisdancing Active Member

    It was fun to watch but afterwards I realized the talent level is mostly pretty low, because some other shows and options siphon off people:

    -The really skilled 18-29 year-old adult contemporary, jazz and solo hip-hop dancers prefer to try out for SYTYCD; that show leads to actual paying dance gigs because of the connections the dancers make with choreographers and producers
    -The really good hip-hop crews have the America's Best Dance Crew show on MTV
    -Pro ballroom dancers might try to be on DWTS and also, the pros and high-level amateurs have numerous ballroom competitions they can enter

    So who does that leave? Mostly, cute kids and cute old people (they're too young or old for the other options) and various niche acts such as the Lindy Hop couple.
  11. Ray Sison

    Ray Sison New Member

    Interesting observations. This all makes sense... :cheers:
  12. rbazsz

    rbazsz New Member

    Jittin' Genius

    I really enjoyed "Jittin' Genius" and would like to see a longer video of him dancing. Unfortunately the show never says who he is and that title is used by many hip hoppers.

    Does anybody know who he really is?
  13. Angel HI

    Angel HI Well-Known Member

    Agree completely with that the directors need to be educated in how to direct' dance' television. This has always been a probleme; they direct for television and not for the performances. Astaire insisted in his contracts that the dance always be shown completely w/o these stupid cuts/pans.

    My fav... the married, contemporary ballet couple. She is fantastic!!!!
  14. Ray Sison

    Ray Sison New Member

    I've liked what I've seen of this, and Paula Abdul (God love her) is good in it...
  15. rbazsz

    rbazsz New Member

    Advice to competitors: Be sure to get coached by Paula. She will give you a gold star unless you really screw up.
  16. Ray Sison

    Ray Sison New Member

    Yeah, she's proven that she's not a harsh judge... :)

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