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    We sell the everywhere! :)

    Perth Girls of Swing Calendar 2004

    From idle scribblings in 2001 to the finished product, this calendar has been a long time coming. Back in 2001 the Perth, Western Australia scene was still growing with many people learning Lindy and the really familiar faces (guys and gals) that you saw at every event still numbered thirty five or so.

    After realising that the birthdays of some of the swing kittens in the Perth scene covered pretty much the entire calendar year, and that most of us had a passion for 1940’s style, it was decided that a calendar should be produced. Michelle (as designer) and I approached prospective ‘calendar girls’ who were regular dancers and contributors to the Perth scene at the time (in late 2001) and who we thought might be interested in being part of a small ‘self-funded’ project. Please note that this project is NOT connected to any swing school or swing organisation. It was payed for and produced by four of the girls themselves.

    The original calendar was meant to be ready for the 2002 or 2003 year but we’d hit some snags when it came to timing, studios and photographers. Eventually, (thanks to good timing and fate) we secured a studio...and found some wonderful photographers lurking right under our noses!

    We hope you enjoy sharing the coming year with the sassy and spirited ‘2004 Perth Girls of Swing’!

    Please check out the calendar out at our website. Thank you to Trevor Hutchison for getting the site up on such short notice.

    Cheryl Glasgow and Michelle Turner

    Coordinator and Art Director

    xoxo Fiona
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    Welcome to the DF family Nofia!! :) An interesting name derivation from your "real" name. Look forward to seeing you around the forums!! :)
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    I thought that too about her name . . . kinda like "No Fear" - with a Brooklyn accent!

    I like the calendar Fiona . . . thanks . . .
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    Welcome noFia! The calendar is adorable. :D
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    :) Hey! Thanks guys for the comments. I've been busy working, performing and promoting the calendars, i hope to find time to read and post in other discussions.

    xoxo Fiona
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