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Discussion in 'Videos' started by facfiles, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. facfiles

    facfiles New Member

    sorry for maybe silly question, if it's not a proper place moderators can delete or replace it, but i really hope you'll suggest something.

    I'm dansing salsa myself. in may we'll have rather big congress with show-program, and our teachers have an idea to make some dance with elements of tango. So they asked us maybe to look for some tutorials, lessons and so one to have an idea what elements we can use in our dancing. If it's possible can you please give me links for such videos? no one of us had ever danced tango argentino, but we have dancing base oa different latino.

    The geatest varian would be direct links, so to give me possibility to download video and bring it to my class, - depositfiles, if to dream about the miracle :)

    thanks a lot for all of your suggestions!
  2. Me

    Me New Member

    Welcome to the DF facfiles! Your question is not silly at all. :)

    I found this on Youtube, and I think it looks pretty cool, actually. Nice big smooth moves for performance (not-so club friendly, however.)

    I am puzzled about your situation. Why aren't your teachers bringing in a guest professional who knows tango, or tango salsa fusion? Why aren't your teachers doing this research, instead of sending the students out? No offense intended, but that seems quite odd to me.

    Anyway, it is fun to mix in some tango with salsa. My partner does it all the time!
  3. bordertangoman

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  4. dchester

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    Dario's Tango Guide is a series of tutorial videos on Youtube. Here is the URL to the first one. With that, you should be able to find the others. I think there are 21 of them, so far.


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