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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by LordBallroom, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. LordBallroom

    LordBallroom Member

    I want to learn about dance and ballroom especially. I realize it is a big investment financially. If you feel comfortable, please share with me the benefits you receive from it.
  2. toothlesstiger

    toothlesstiger Well-Known Member

    1. I just like to dance. Moving to music makes me happy, and at my age I'm a bit out of place at a nightclub.
    2. It makes my wife happy. Happy wife, happy life.
    3. When I was single, it allowed me to meet many nice, as well as creepy, ladies. Met DW that way.
    4. Two people moving together, in communication, without saying a word, with the music, sometimes that's just divine.
    5. Good, low impact exercise.

    As to investment, that's all relative. If you are looking to dance socially, there are ways to be cost effective about it, just as there would be for many other leisure activities, such as golf, tennis, rock-climbing, etc. And I picked those examples because there are certainly people that allocate huge budgets for those activities.

    If you want to be a competitive ballroom dancer, that's probably as expensive as it's going to get. If you want to be a salsa dancer, you can get by with the weekly cost of admission to a salsa night at a night club, and lots of practice at home.

    I spend less now on ballroom dancing than I spent in bars in my misspent youth. ;-)
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  3. danceronice

    danceronice Well-Known Member

    A place to compete that isn't either a "special" place for old people (where I'd be stuck in skating, and for reference, I'm 34) and that's less pointless or cutthroat than horses (and is cheaper, too.)
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  4. latingal

    latingal Well-Known Member

    Provides opportunities:

    1. for personal growth
    2. to stay fit and build better physical control and awareness
    3. to be creative and create/communicate beauty
    4. for intellectual and physical challenges
    5. of social interaction
    6. to work with others to achieve common goals
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  5. llamasarefuzzy

    llamasarefuzzy Well-Known Member

    1) Great friends and support system at college
    2) An avenue to get away from my desk and studies
    3) Good physical activity
    4) A good outlet for my competitive tendencies :)
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  6. ajiboyet

    ajiboyet Well-Known Member

    Dancing has given me a great big escape from all sorts of things. You know the way some people smoke when they're stressed out or frustrated? Or shop, or eat? I like to dance.
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  7. Spitfire

    Spitfire Well-Known Member

    For me a wonderful leisure activity; something to look forward to.
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  8. MintyMe

    MintyMe Member

    I was rather shy and lacked confidence before I started dancing. I don't think I ever had much self-esteem throughout my life.
    Learning to dance wasn't the biggest challenge, it was learning to have confidence and feel good about myself through dancing.

    I'm just a social dancer, but I like to think I put a lot of style, technique and creativity in my dancing-- I own it. I feel when I waltz, I'm elegant. When I rumba, I'm romantic. When I cha-cha I'm sexy. When I swing, I'm happy. When I tango, I'm passionate.
    I look back at who I was a few years ago and know I'm a different person now-- someone who can be elegant, romantic, sexy, happy and passionate. These qualities were always buried inside me, but now they shine.
    Hey, not bad for a former shy wallflower!

    And-- what everyone else mentioned too.
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  9. LordBallroom

    LordBallroom Member

    How did it make you less shy in social situations apart from the dance floor? Was it that you were somehow more confident to be yourself? I really need to hear this this. Please elaborate if you're comfortable
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  10. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    What has been your dance and ballroom experience, so far, and what benefits have you received from it?
  11. LordBallroom

    LordBallroom Member

    Strangely enough, even though I was single when I got into it I didn't do it to meet women. Though if I'd known about the potential to meet women on the dance floor when I was a little wilder and less conservative in my values I'm sure would've gotten into it years ago. For me it was a chance to express myself to music. I never realized I'd get so hooked on the relational aspects of partnership dancing. I love the passion, romance, and flirtation in dancing. I love that the dance floor is a place when the boundaries that exist between men and women in normal life sort of disappear and we get to live these sort of fantasies. I've always been a music lover and getting to move to how the music makes me feel is theraputic and relaxes me. Out there on the floor, the drama in my life doesn't exist.
  12. chomsky

    chomsky Well-Known Member

    I always wanted to express myself freely when in a discussion but couldn’t because of being self-conscious. I never used to touch people. I used to walk looking down. I avoided eye-contact. And above anything else I was so frightened to engage in a fight I would avoid arguments and would never say no to people.
    I don’t anymore. It’s a new me.
    Lately I resorted back to my old self . I am undoing this nice change by becoming the shy and introvert person I was for 37 years and all this because of the problems I am facing in my life and in dance.
    One year and a half into dancing I now don’t hope to become a dancer. I now hope to stay a dancer.
  13. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member first response to this was "impoverished"

    but, reading through what others have said, though it is difficult to fully answer the question gevine that dance has been the guiding force in my life for nearly 8 years, I will endeavor to try;

    1) dance has taught me how dedicated and brave I can be
    2) it has taught me to not take my ego too seriously
    3) it has taught me how to view competitors as peers and fellow travellors
    4) it has taught me to push past various percieved limitations including, fatigue, pain, emotional upset and hunger
    5) it has taught me self control of head, heart, and body
    6) it has taught me when I will not place limits and when I need to place limits, on both mself and others
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  14. danceronice

    danceronice Well-Known Member

    I forgot one, by getting me a job as a studio receptionist I've honed my sales skills. VERY handy in my small business (I found myself channeling my old manager when I was teaching my brother to help with my booth.) There's a fine art to making people WANT to part with their money for non-necessities. Also works at new job as it's an open kitchen and I'm one of the two on the front line who DON'T mind talky customers.
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  15. LordBallroom

    LordBallroom Member

    How has it taught you these things?
  16. theAnnelis

    theAnnelis Active Member

    I can't even begin to answer this! I had a pretty devastating breakup a while back and I swear upon everything I hold dear to me that dancing was what kept me sane after it happened. In addition, my group of girl friends in the studio (my "Dance Sisters") were and still are the most incredible support system - dancing ends up forging some kind of sister/brotherhood! It has taught me who I am as an artist and a competitor - and camaraderie in the studio teaches GREAT sportsmanship. It's allowed me to dream. It's taught me what I value most in my life. And I'm it's one of the greatest outlets I've ever tried. And I do firmly believe that, except in very rare cases, dance brings out the best in people! No one can ever be mad when they're on the floor! I usually look like this => :D

    And I'm pretty sure there's a lot I've forgotten to mention...
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  17. juwest333

    juwest333 Active Member

    Introduced me to a lot of great, warm, and loving people.
    Gave me lots of new places to travel to.
    Helped me find my true passion in life.
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  18. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member can be mad on the dance me on that
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  19. Phil Owl

    Phil Owl Well-Known Member

    All thos efor me, and in addition:

    1) Helped me overcome shyness
    2) Improved my health
    3) Sharpened me as a musician
    4) Provided the means to meet the love of my life :D
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  20. nucat78

    nucat78 Active Member

    Oh yeah. We call it floor rage. ;)
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