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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by earline, May 27, 2016.

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    Does anyone have a good source to buy bra's for low back gowns for the larger woman?
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    If it is a ballgown or latin costume, you can sew in one of your regular bras.

    - Put on the bra,
    - put on the dress,
    - adjust both, have someone safety pin the bra to the dress at key points (usually back opening and shoulders)
    - remove dress /bra assembly

    - repin using straight pins
    - cut off the extra parts of the bra (keeping it pinned to the dress),
    - turn under raw edges and sew along the openings / at the shoulder straps with a stitch suitable for stretch fabric.

    Note: this approach assumes that the dress has some kind of back fastening such as angled straps, etc. across the back opening. These take over the function of the bra back.

    The straps can also be added if not present - made of covered 1/4" swimsuit elastic in a color complementary to or matching the costume and stoned to match the costume.
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    Thank You

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