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Discussion in 'General Dance Discussion' started by SwinginBoo, Oct 20, 2003.

  1. SDsalsaguy

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    Budwar (sp?) -- the Czeck version -- is really good beer!

    Aside from the differences in taste though, what most American tourists overlook is the strength of many European beers. If I recall corectly the Budwar over there is something like 12% alcohol vs. the usual American content of 4% or less!

    It's funny how only 2 steins adds up at that content level... :lol:
  2. will35

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    To complicate things, I read recently that the Budweiser you buy in Czech Rep now may actually be American Budweiser, either imported or brewed there, I forget which. The alcohol content Europeans call body. There is sometimes confusion between our term, "Heavy" which means calories and European "Heavy" which means full of body (alcohol). There are many, many beers that imitate the Pilsener style. I see we have some beer aficionados on the list. Well, we'll just have to go dance the polka somewhere and have a pint or two together someday. I used to have my own little Pilsener recipe. Certainly not "Urquell", but hopefully original in the other sense.
  3. will35

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