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    According to www france24 com/en/20130314-pope-francis-tango-lover, Pope Francis likes the music of D'Arienzo, admired Ada Falcon and preferred to dance milonga :cool:
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  2. opendoor

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    A bergogliada: manouvering skilfully between the tracks of the dancefloor!
  3. tangomaniac

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    An American friend who lives in BA sent me the new Pope's piety on tango

    Flores to Rome, the papal milonguero commandments
    (the off-the-record of the milonga)

    1. Love the tango above all things.
    2. Thou shalt not take the names of Troilo or Pugliese in vain.
    3. Daily sanctify the milongas.
    4. Honor those who have danced with you when you did not know how to dance.
    5. Do not kill anyone kicked on the floor.
    6. Not commit impure acts in the milonga (was not fornicate, but leave it at that).
    7. Do not steal steps by giving classes to teach something you do not know.
    8. Do not bear false witness or lies about people of the tango community.
    9. Do not covet thy neighbor's dancer.
    10. No stranger shall covet the progress of a tanguero.

    Jorge Bergoglio to NoLoComentes

    I can only guess that commiting a tango sin is 20 molinetes. And for committing a really BIG sin, 50 BACK ochos
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    performance for pope 1.jpg perfom for pope 2.jpg
    Argentine Tango Dancers Welcome Pope Francis to Philadelphia:

    Philadelphia Argentine Tango School
    Performance for Pope Francis - World Meeting of Families 2015
    performance for pope 1.jpg perfom for pope 2.jpg
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    RNS-PHILLY-TANGO.jpg It takes more than two to tango for Pope Francis:

    PHILADELPHIA (RNS) When it comes to dancing for Pope Francis, it takes 40 to tango.
    That’s how many Philadelphia eighth-graders, dressed in bold red and blue costumes, danced the Argentine national dance on one of several stages as part of the Festival of Families on Saturday (Sept. 26).
    The dancers were from the Gesu School, a Jesuit elementary and middle school that serves some of Philadelphia’s poorest neighborhoods.

    About 100,000 people saw the dancers, though the pope was not among them.

  6. Steve Pastor

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    Based on this one picture, I wonder if Francis was thinking, oh, man, that looks like ballroom tango, and that's not how they do it in the bar where I was a bouncer in Buenos Aires back in the day.
    Oh, I see he did not actually see them dance. So, never mind.
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    Lots of Argentine's love tango - tango music, that is. The word "tango" more often means the music to an Argentine, not the dance. I have run into this alot in Buenos Aires - "Do you know tango?" "Of course! I love tango! I studied it in school, my parents played it all the time!!" 'But, do you DANCE tango?" "Oh, no - I never learned. My dad/mother/uncle/grandfather was a good dancer, though"
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    he is a normal and regular person. He said on various occasions, I miss Buenos Aires, El tango :)

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