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    Hey there,

    We lived in a house with wall to wall carpeting, which was not exactly conducive to Salsa dance practicing, so I bought a modular portable dance floor. Since we have nice hardwood floors again, we don't need the tiles anymore. Here is the company spiel on them:

    Real oak parquet dance floor set in modular plastic tiles! Simple male-female connection system allows for quick and easy assembly without tools, cams or mechanical devices. Anyone can assemble this portable dance floor. Ideal for any type of special event and can be used indoors or outdoors.​

    Dimensions of each tile: 1ft x 1ft x 1/2in​

    Each modular tile is made up of 2 layers - the top layer is the real wood, oak parquet.​
    The base layer is made of a polypropylene co-polymer.​
    It is specially-molded to form a tray for the top layer - holding the top layer securely inside the base tray. The plastic tray offers many benefits - resistance to water and moisture, conforms to most surfaces, provides a durable connection system and keeps the tile lightweight and easy to handle. The plastic tray has channels underneath to allow for drainage and inevitable spills; and to provide extra stability on soft or uneven surfaces.​

    I think I bought them for $8.50, we have 90 tiles, and shipping was $200 for a total of $965 (or $10.72 per tile). I purchased them from and these are the "dancedeck deluxe" tiles. They only saw indoor use by one couple who practiced for about 90 minutes a day 3-5 days / week, so they really are like new. No wear at all.

    My wife and I are selling everything for $400, which works out to $4 per tile.

    Probably best for New Yorkers who can pick them up... shipping will be a beast and kind of expensive.

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