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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by ticolora, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. ticolora

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    What would be your recommendation to distribute my time between different levels of practice, to achieve maximum efficiency (master more skills per unit of time).

    1. solo practice
    2. focused practice with partner
    3. private lesson
    4. social dance with regular partner
    5. social dance with random partners
  2. FancyFeet

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  3. ticolora

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    It seems that most responses in that thread are from people who are way more serious about dance than I am. I don't think their breakdown would be optimal for a casual social wannabe dancer. Because my #4 and #5 buckets are opportunistic, we can exclude those. I still would like a simple breakdown suggestion for #1-#3.

    Does 3 : 1 : 1 ratio sound reasonable? I.e. 3 hrs a week practice by myself, 1 hr with a partner, and 1 hr private lesson?
  4. Mr 4 styles

    Mr 4 styles Well-Known Member

    Maybe 3:2:1 a little better
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  5. vit

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    Have in mind that this is ballroom forum, and in ballroom many people compete in various kinds of competitions, and in order to win, one have to devote more effort to it than others, which means a lot of time. Social dancing is a different thing

    In my salsa venue, people usually attend 1-3 hours of group classes per week - some of tham are partnerwork classes, and in case of followers, some of them are "styling" classes (as partnerwork classes are not that useful for them). Taking privates is not very common, partially because of lack of good teachers. If you can find a good one in your area, a private every 2-3 weeks would be nice. At home, it's fine to do 1-2 hours of solo practice a week, for techinicall drills etc, and if you have a regular partner, 1-2 hours per week is also nice. Some exercises like pilates to improve core muscles are also nice, because your overall moving abilities limit your dancing no matter the number of classes. And since it's social dancing, going to 2-3 parties a week is usual. Plus or minus... And attending some salsa congress from time to time as well (congress classes are usually not very useful because they are crowded, it's more show than learning, but on congress parties you can dance with people from other areas or parts of the world and get more insight into the stuff). Etc
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  6. SoAndSo

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    I'd go even further and say, very many ballroom dancers do not actually dance enough so they need all this training, to not get out of training.
    Ok, and they need to have the right positioning up to the finger tip and usually a technical level, that is not practicable on most social dance floors.

    For the technical level you need for social dancing 2-3 evenings of dancing with 1-2 hours of floor time each are mostly sufficient. As long as you always keep an open eye, sometimes try new stuff etc. The "basic and happy" (BAH!) dancers usually have a closed mind to new impulses, that's all.

    And a decent regular group class. Not too high, not too low level. A bit technique, a bit new partner stuff, a little styling here and there. Just mixed.
    It always should be fun and actively relaxing to go there, never stress.

    And take your time to reflect and break down everything you learned. Every pattern should be broken down into it's elements and those have to be fine tuned until you can lead them individually with every half decent beginner.
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  7. Newdancer81

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    For salsa dancing for a beginner - well that's up to you and how fast you want to progress.

    Maybe start off with:

    1-2 hrs private lessons a week
    1-2 socials a week
    1-2 hrs of solo/partner practice.

    Also, listen to the music in your spare time.

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