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Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by Lois Donnay, Oct 16, 2017.

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    Keep in mind that you have the speed options in youtube too!
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    Yes, I know that. But it 0.25 jumps. With VLC you have by 0.1.
    And there are many options for skiping back and forth. ;)

    I do recommend downloading video when using VLC, so YT may be handy for an initial study.
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    I bought the book https://www.caminarabrazados.com ,
    but studied only the instructional DVD of that:

    I was quite useful for me to be cognitive relaxed when I started with Tango group lessons afterwards.
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    Well, that was my point.

    I assume that's a generic "you" given that I explicitly expressed doubt about doing just that.

    [/QUOTE]I do think it's easier to get ideas from videos than from books -- you'd be hard pressed to express some of the ideas that you can see in a video in words clearly.[/QUOTE]

    Can one see ideas in videos? There have been thousands of reviews, essays, and critiques of modern dance and classical ballet over the years, so certain aspects of dance can be expressed in words clearly.
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    Yes, it was the generic you.
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    We're in violent agreement, of course. But reread your first post and you'll see that you wrote the equivalent of "I wouldn't learn anything from this type of video except what is possible to learn from a video" -- which is, of course, no surprise.
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    I myself began this wonderful dance a year ago, with a background in martial arts and sports.

    I think it is necessary both to learn the moves by doing in classes and milonga, but also study at home reading this forum and watching videos.

    Being a better dancer involves improving many aspects: psychology, mobility and creativity, ability to listen...

    Here are 4 resources I am studying :

    Osvaldo Zotto "Asi se baila el tango" decomposes the mechanics of how the techniques work

    Pepito Avellaneda "Asi se baila milonga" shows the same academical moves as Osvaldo Zotto, but in a milonga context. At the end of all lessons, there is a demo on how to use the new move, it will teach you how to compose the moves and "architecture" your dance as a leader.

    Carlos Gavito "Un tal gavito" has some very efficient and elegant moves for close embrace and small spaces, the moves are really subtle and "romantic".

    Fabian Salas "Tango Fundamentals" is kind of update of Osvaldo Zotto's videos. Fabian Salas who is one of the Nuevo movement kind of challenged the way to do techniques. I really liked volume 2 where he shows the different way of switching the base of your walk from one way to another. The final review of volume 2 is absolutely gorgeous, you will also learn about musicality of the walk with his videos.

    You can find the four videos above on Youtube.

    The blog "Tango Argentino de Tejas" has a comprehensive section with reviews of the most popular video resources. That's where I found out about these four masters videos.

    I put these videos on my TV, and review 15 min to 30 min sections once every week before going to milongas.
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    Hi John.

    Welcome to the forum!
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    I rememder doing it similar - but today I would recommend to try to catch up with the steps of the idols on another day.
    And to get influenced before one goes to a milonga - if at all - by videos like these:

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    I wouldn't do any. My follower once met him in some marathon or encuentro. From what she said it looked like a sect, with a guru, the first circle, and the sheep. The one who would not follow the holy rules would be knocked off. "Detlef! Detlef! This guy was just leading a boleo!"
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    I don't know them personally nor does it influence the book & DVD how they act as event organizer.

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