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  1. Kamari

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    Hi Guys! We're really excited to announce that you can now buy tickets
    to the CD Release Production!

    The First 100 Tickets sold will cost only $25! AND you get seating in
    the main section of the theater near the stage! Buy them Now, as only
    90 are already left.

    Visit the site (http://www.masacoterecords.com) to get info or buy
    tickets directly at the following link:

    ALSO, Note that NO TICKETS WILL BE SOLD AT THE DOOR! You need to buy
    your tickets in advance. Student Discount is $20! You must show your
    id at the door!

    Preorder your cd now online as well!

    We look forward to you guys joining us at the cd release. It will be a
    really exciting event, and we're really looking forward to sharing
    this special release with you all!

    There are links that are continually being updated with time, so keep
    checking back often. Visit the facebook page for some of the live
    links too.

    Website: http://www.masacoterecords.com

    Thank you!
    Ana, Joel, and Masacote

  2. Kamari

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    IT'S COMING.....

    May 16, 2008!
    Ritmo Masacote's "Fantagious" CD Release

    visit the website for full details http://www.masacoterecords.com


    A NOT TO BE MISSED 2 HOUR THEATER Concert Featuring Ritmo Masacote AND Masacote Dance Company LIVE!

    Evolution is Coming...

    Buy Your Tickets Online Now! NO Tickets sold @ door!

    Video of "Melancholy" by Ritmo Masacote:

    Video of "Rumba Walk" by Ritmo Masacote:

    What to Expect
    -- A 2-hour Theater Production
    -- A Latin Jazz concert with Ritmo Masacote Live!
    -- Dance Performances by Masacote Dance Company!
    -- Special Guest Artists from Bermuda, Atlanta, Texas!
    -- Singing DEBUT of Gordon Neil, Masacote Records!
    -- Special Surprises!
    -- An Afterparty with SALSA Dancing to top it all off!!!


  3. Kamari

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    CHECK OUT THIS PERFORMANCE!!! This will be part of the show...only to LIVE music! You DO NOT want to miss this!!!

    ***Remember you can only get your tickets online!!! And they are limited...so get on it!!!***
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  5. Kamari

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    Hi Guys!

    We're all really, REALLY excited about the production coming up. We've all been working really hard on it, so we hope you guys will like it.

    I know you're not sure of coming, but hope we can change your mind! We've got a lot of things in the works for this year, and it will definitely be an event like none other...


    I'm emailing just a reminder that if you are planning to attend, that you should make sure you purchase your tickets now. We can't sell any tickets at the door unfortunately (made life way too hard for us with the theater), so we have to do everything in advance. Plus, it helps us with advance costs.

    Right now, the tickets are $25 each, or $20 for students (you'll need to show your id at the door). We've increased the discount to the first 200 as the first 100 sold out. After that, the price definitely goes up to $35.

    You can also preorder your cd online for $10 if you purchase the ticket, or $15 if you want to buy any extras for friends.

    To purchase your ticket online, go to:

    If you don't want to purchase online, you can also mail in a check:


    If you or anyone you know are interested in bringing a group, please contact us today. It is still early enough to block off sections of the theater for groups, but they are selling pretty fast. Group rates are $25 for 10 or more people.


    The afterparty on Friday and Saturday party details will soon be announced.


    Don't forget to tell your friends! This will be one event to remember. We'll be making salsa history!

    Hope you can all join us!

    Ana and Joel :)
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    It's getting closer!!

    If you are coming from out of town, just a reminder that you should get your plane tickets NOW! AirTran has been having some good sales, as has Delta.

    Joel's latest music is getting RAVE reviews from all over the place...you don't want to miss it!!!

    Of course, if you can't make the event, be sure to still get a copy of the CD for yourself ;)

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    Hey Everyone!!!

    Just another reminder that Ritmo Masacote's "Fantagious" CD is going to be released May 16th! If you can make the event, which we hope you can, you can get your copy of the CD at the event for only $15! If you can't make the event, you can still pre-order your CD for $15 (plus $5 s/h) online! Go to the Masacote Records website to hear sound clips, and pre-order your copy today!!!!

    Sound & Video Clips of NEW Fantagious CD:

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  9. Kamari

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    Hey Guys!!!

    Here's one more sample off the "Fantagious" CD! Pre-order your copy today, and/or join us for the release party! This just happens to be my favorite song off the album ;)
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