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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by canismajor41, Sep 15, 2014.

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    I'm hoping DFers can point me to some competitive rumba routines that tell a specific kind of love story. Most of them are choreographed, as indecisive love (I want you! But I can't! Come to me! No, go away....) What I'm looking for is a routine that tells a sweet love story about a man and woman madly in love, romantic love - no arguments and no indecisiveness vs. a routine that says "I want you, no, I don't! Yes, I do!" which is what most of the choreography seems to be....Any suggestions?
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    I know you asked for competition examples, but the first ones that came to mind were showdances that were more romantic than conflicted (at least in my opinion):

    This one if you take out the parts where they walk away from each other?

    You could also look at bolero for inspiration - bolero tends to tell a more straightforward romantic sort of story, I think.
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    Yep - bolero is the "madly in love" dance. Rumba is the "falling in love, still not sure about each other" dance. Or so I've always understood it.

    But maybe I should ask, do you mean International or American rumba? 'Cause they're different. International Rumba is much more bolero-like (and the music is often interchangeable).
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    This one is a show piece, but as most are, made up from movements of their competitive routine. Slavik and Anna, WSS rumba routine:
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    This one is also a showcast.... but

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  7. Dr Dance

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    The first half of this rumba exhibits the very "indecisiveness" that you wanted to avoid. However, during the second half of this rumba, Yana and Yegor seem to "settle their differences" as they each declare their love for one another.


    (Yana was my private instructor for two years (2004-05) before she went national, international, and won all of those world titles with partner Yegor!)
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