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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by Juliskamagyar, Feb 24, 2015.

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    My sister and I just returned from a week's holiday in Cuba. Every night was dancing in the square.

    Now, all we want to do is Rueda. The most fun we have ever had dancing. There were at least 500 people at some casual outdoor events. We went from circle to circle. For the most part didn't know the moves but what was great is that it didn't really matter. Brits, Canadians, Germans all intermingled with the Cubans. Warm temperatures, piña coladas and constant music.

    We have a cuban salsa dance this Saturday that includes Rueda. Need our fix as we are both now addicted. Can't wait to return to Cuba.
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    My first experience with Salsa was this... I've almost completely forgotten about it until I read the post. So. Much. Fun.

    For others that might not know:
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    The Ruedas we did in Cuba were rather informal. All ages...seniors, teens. We switched in and out of a dozen or so. It was so full of life. No idea what was ever being called but the momentum just carried us along.

    We took a Casino Ruedo class last evening and fortunately it was also on the informal side. As long as we moved to the salsa rhythm it was just a continuous flow. At first I thought it would be harder than partner dancing but it's actually a lot more instinctive as the group dynamic lets the brain turn off the over thinking. It reminded me of playing my guitar in a band as opposed to solo...ok to stop to scratch the nose then hop back into the beat.

    On a funny note. The instructors last evening were Russians who grew up in Cuba. My sister and I also learned Russian while in school in Hungary. In Rueda the moves are shouted out by the leader so we joked that if we can get a few more recruits then we will form a Canadian based rueda with Russian commands.
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