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    RUMBA ~ by Donna Pardi

    The magic of the Rumba
    Is subtly enticing
    Like a siren on a mountain
    She calls to you, woos you.
    Like a mermaid in the ocean
    She lures you, pulls you
    Until you can't resist her softness
    Her sweetness, her music
    And you're captured in her beauty
    Her charms are all through you
    Slowly, gently she has taken you
    Enamored you, entranced you
    And you're moving in her rhythm.
    You think it, you breathe it
    And soon you have become it
    Her magic's transformed you
    If we could only keep her spirit
    Inside us, recall it
    We could move through life
    With ease, and with grace
    And with love in our hearts
  2. MissAlyssa

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    I like how the author made rumba a living breathing thing. Cool poem! :D
  3. fascination

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    I thought this poem was worth resurrecting
  4. chachachacat

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