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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by afroarabano, May 11, 2006.

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  1. borikensalsero

    borikensalsero Moderator

    Imparting feeling is no different than disclosing technique. The necessary tools must be in place before transferring the information. One, however, is missing required knowledge to transform salsa dancing the robotic scheme to actual dancing. It is a cultural phenomenon. Basic cultural ethos unconsciously sprouts cognitive behaviour.

    During those parties, during the sound of the jukebox from small bars in remote corners of Spanish America, even our parents and grandparents record player, methods weren’t gathered nor transferred, rather the philosophy of feeling alive. Of taking music, feeling its message deep inside and bringing it forward into everything we do. Teaching of instruments took the same method, it wasn’t about numbers, nor chords, it was about feeling the instrument, becoming part of it, then executing what you felt. Let others know who you are deep inside, always show them the true you. As latinos we learned that if we are going act, a part of who we are must become part of those actions. We are a passionate people; rich in a philosophical outlook absent from the Anglo world, yet entrenched in both the Afro and eastern philosophy. (east is intertwined as they have a inner battle between the “super man” – Confucius’ teachings – and the way of “Nirvana” – Buddha’s teachings). Never the less, there is a philosophical presence that views feelings in a different light than that of societies built upon a monotheistic reality.

    It is a truth that the raise of a monotheistic and dualistic civic religion forced an entire culture to experiencing oneself in a much different light, whereas cultures who strayed from such teachings indulged in their version of reality as on based on feeling anything and everything. One world two realities, one civic belief fell pray to linearity, while the others didn’t.

    As a people one culture began to seek from without to find inspiration, to find guidance, to seek knowledge. Where as the other remained looking within to search for the same. More and more was the distance caused by a search from without that society accepted worth as that which is gathered from the outside. In the outside the façade found, so we build and build neglecting the essence.

    Fast forward to today, what are we? What do we strive for? Material gain! From the American Dream defined by success, anything and everything we seek is answered by a perception of reality as worth only if we “LOOK” better and gain success by means of material acquisition, never is it mentioned to look deep within to find the true self, for looking within will force you to look away from the trash.

    That’s what is taught in schools today, that’s how we dance salsa. We dance salsa with the head, giving nothing of us to it, but merely what society has ingrained in us. Who’s the better dancer? He who has the most moves, he who is vast in technique, never do we question if the person looks alive when dancing. Alive, to us the materialistic world is contouring to the musical notes through the façade. Musicality we misinterpret it as… There are countless examples of this type of dancer, from LA (the seemingly capital for this type of dancer) to NY.

    Though, when we look in the face of someone who wants to feel more than a smile you see an entire world within. You see a place you are taught can’t be reached, that it is limited by ethnicity, limited it is, but by knowledge.
  2. Andresito

    Andresito Member

    There is something very true in what BorikenSalsero says...

    In the latin countries, you "feel" in a diferent way.

    And when you dance you feel your joy and the joy of your partner and we do this together, sharing the joy. The goal of the dance is to feel joy of life together.

    When I dance with some people here, you can feel it truly, even inside a more flashy and technical context.

    With others you feel you are in some kind of test, or contest... The dance is judged as a technical or sportive thing. They want expectacularity, they want showmanship, they want performance....

    That is why some maybe find it boring when this sports/technical side is not there...

    The latins only want to feel one with the music and move with his partner and share the joy of dancing.
  3. tangotime

    tangotime Well-Known Member

    Sam--I fully understand your frustration ( now multiply that ten fold from a prof. perspective ! ) My point was meant to display that one does not have to have a miriad of " moves " to truly express what is within , and as b/ken has just expressed ( nicely put amigo ) there is far more to be gained from the experience than the steps in and of themselves .
    Most accomplished salseros , would agree that doing 3 steps all nite would drive us nuts !!--but-- I have had some wonderful experiences just a movin to the music .
  4. RumbaRumbera

    RumbaRumbera New Member

    Great info in your post. If I understand you correctly, in 1998 European interest in salsa was due to the Buena Vista Social Club film. Then the European salsa "vogue" passed only to re-emerge around 2003.

    To what do you attribute the re-emergence of interest in 2003?

  5. borikensalsero

    borikensalsero Moderator

    Ricky Martin. hehehehe
  6. Andresito

    Andresito Member

    There has been allways a latin community and interest in salsa, but the big fashion about it was created the first by this Buena Vista Social Club film on 1997.

    The current vogue I don't know the reason... maybe the emergence of Reggaeton in 2003-2004 ? that brough back the interest in latin music and dances ?

    Needless to say there has allways been a salsa community, integrated by mostly by latins and some europeans that like it.

    But in recent years the europeans have outnumbered the latins in such a way, there are nowadays some clubs where they are allmost all europeans...

    I see also the tendency of latins to go to other different clubs... and this is maybe because as someone posted here, most real latins can't dance the complex technical dance the europeans learn or maybe the europeans get bored dancing with latins that don't do that thing... so they are somewhat separated...

    I am a latin and I like the cuban/miami style so I go to the clubs where there are mainly europeans... But not to all of them, I go to some that are fun. You feel like you are in a party... there are other clubs that are not fun for my taste... you feel like you are in a practice session.
  7. RumbaRumbera

    RumbaRumbera New Member

    I have noticed that in the past few years that many U.S. promoters and instructors have spent more time in Europe than in the U.S. promoting congresses and teaching. Do you believe that this is the reason for the re-emergence? Or is it the other way around, that the promoters and instructors are only responding to an interest that is already there?
  8. salsamale

    salsamale New Member

    I dance with a couple Latinas, who dance with such energy and life, but they sometimes criticize their own dancing as compared to the technique of others on the dance floor. I suppose women (and men) are like that, always comparing themselves (ourselves) to others. Sometimes these Latinas will take a lesson at a club or elsewhere, but secretly, I hope they will not take any lessons, for fear of killing the life in their dance. When I dance with them, I feed off their life.
  9. sweavo

    sweavo New Member

    Here in UK I feel that we first got "cuban salsa" then the next wave was "L.A." or "crossbody" salsa. I guess this was really a different dance from the first craze, attention-getting and exciting. Third wave is New York style, which is really focussed on technical excellence. I'm waiting for the Colombians.
  10. Andresito

    Andresito Member

    I don't think so.

    Here Salsa is perceived as a Cuban thing, and Bachata and Merengue as Dominican... so they look there for their references.

    There is not many Puerto Ricans, Actually I only have met one here, and he was an student that lived here for a year.

    Some time ago, I read about "Edy the Salsa freak" who was visiting Switzerland... and I went.. who ? I have never heard about Edy before in my whole life :D, looks like is somebody influyent and very well known in the US... but not here...

    here they look for Slsa influence primarily at the Cubans, and then the Latins...
  11. Andresito

    Andresito Member

    There you are also right... I see more and more NY and even LA style dance schools here... In Geneva there is a club where the dancers do only PuertoRican Style and here theres is one exclusively NY style..
  12. tangotime

    tangotime Well-Known Member

    Bachata-- Colombia
  13. quixotedlm

    quixotedlm New Member

    interesting... here i thought salsa was really an american/ny thing (like pizza). i suppose it is as much cuban as it is african...
  14. tangotime

    tangotime Well-Known Member

    Guess if you look at roots ( as a social dance ) -- Cuban would be quite acceptable . Musically-- afro / cuban .
  15. tj

    tj New Member

    Wait, I thought Bachata was from the DR?
  16. Andresito

    Andresito Member

    Bachata is from Dominican Republic
    Cumbia is from Colombia and Peru

    Pizza is from Italy ;)
  17. tangotime

    tangotime Well-Known Member

    Must have been day dreaming -- i was thinking cumbia and wrote Bach !
  18. tj

    tj New Member

    Ah, no biggee! :wink:
  19. dancin/dj

    dancin/dj Member

    unless u don"t know quixotedlm(pizza comes from Naples Italy) then it spread in Italy then too the USA...... just a fyi if you dont know..
  20. samina

    samina Well-Known Member

    that's lovely and i so agree. but if i'm partner dancing with someone i wanna feel a connection with the person... the complex movements of club salsa give a lot of opportunity to do that & do find the unique ways two different people can connect. that's what i so appreciate about it over the non-club native way of latin dancing...JMHO...
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